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from india to alabama

I ventured out on Saturday for a little "me" time with friends, not before reminding Husband of a dozen things that he and Baby S could do together while I was gone.  You know, go to the swings at our neighborhood park, play with her stacking cups, have a snack, etc. etc.  He gave me one of those "what am I, new?" looks and I quickly scooted out the door.  I'm not sure where the compulsion to share the obvious comes from, because I know HE knows everything & more already... and yet I can't help myself.  Go figure.

I haven't stood in line for a movie in years, yet stand we did for "Eat Pray Love."  And I'll just quickly say that I loved every minute.  A little long - yes.  A little self-indulgent - yes.  But who cares.  Elizabeth Gilbert's book (which every woman I know, for the most part, has read) is about her journey to find her true, authentic self.  One not defined by a man or a relationship or a job.  I'm no movie critic, but I felt like the film was a surprisingly good adaptation of her story.  I've always been a Julia Roberts fan (hands down my favorite celeb sighting in NYC) so it was great to see her on the big screen again.  The movie is a beautifully shot travelogue... in Italy, she finds her zest for life again; love of food, friends & culture.  In India, she searches for spiritual fulfillment, meets a man who talks in "bumper stickers" & realizes God wasn't so far away after all.  In Bali, she finds a love that completes her but doesn't take away from who she has become as an individual. 

Walking out of the movie, I wasn't sure if I wanted to go eat a big bowl of pasta or buy a yoga mat, and yet I can say I was completely entertained.  Afterwards, we headed out to a local bar to celebrate a friend's birthday.  Husband & Baby S met us, then Husband left a bit later to see a movie himself (not "Eat Pray Love," surprisingly).  Baby S was her usual social butterfly self, and I was once again thankful for her laid back 10 months old personality and willingness to let anyone hold her. 

Speaking of movies, I couldn't help but think of that great American classic "Sweet Home Alabama," (okay, I'm stretching a little bit here...) featuring another favorite of mine, Reese Witherspoon.  If you know this movie, you know the famous line when Reese returns to her small Alabama town to see a friend of hers from high school:  "You have a baby... in a bar."  Ah, classic.  And yes, I did. 

From my new-ish experience as a parent in NYC, this appears to be a rather common occurance.  Granted, I'm not taking her to Hogs & Heifers or a nine-course dinner at Daniel.  We go out to family-friendly neighborhood restaurants, for the most part, and we are rarely the only ones with a stroller.  We come prepared with bottles, toys and Iphone baby apps.  While a babysitter is certainly nice every once in a while, as busy, working parents, we want to see her as much as we possibly can when we're off (with the exception of rare-ish "me" time).  Needless to say, though, Baby S and I were home way before the sun went down, nearly having a stroller showdown with a couple and their baby entering the restaurant as we were leaving.  Apparently they had the same idea.

All in all, the day was the perfect blend of friends & family.  And really, who could ask for more than that?


Mrs G said...

...and the birthday girl loved getting to hold Baby S for a little extra fun during the celebration!

(Single)Mommy said...

Hi I'm a new follower! Great blog! Don't worry my little one is also a NYC bar hopper! We're regulars at our one neighborhood spot and if it's any consolation there are plenty of other mom/baby duos!

Check out my blog @

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