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review: cellphone postcards

Fellow NYC blogger Sandra of It's Always An Adventure recently alerted me to a new business created by a friend of hers.  Immediately after checking out the site, I had one of those "Duh!  Why didn't I think of that?!" moments.  Gotta love feeling enlightened & stupid at the same time.

Cellphone Postcards is, well, exactly that.  After setting up a free account on their site (where you'll input friends & family contact info into your private address book), take a picture with your cell phone.  Then, send the photo as a text (including card message) to the company and they will create a postcard of that photo and send it to anyone you like.  It really is that easy.  You can also send postcards via the website by uploading photos from your computer and/or Facebook account.

Each card - including postage - costs 99 cents to send in the US ($1.98 International) but here's the best part - as it's a new site & they are looking to gain customers, your first 10 cards are free!  I only have 3 left....

Who knew ol' fashioned snail mail could be so high tech? 

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Sonja said...

This is a terrific idea for travelers! Love it so much, my blog post today sends readers over to your site to check it out! Thanks for the great tip!

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