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One of the benefits to blogging is that I've "met" other NYC moms through various social media outlets.  It is a camaraderie of sorts, in that we're all caught up in the constant juggling that is motherhood, work, life and side projects (with a little blogging thrown in for good measure).  I am consistently amazed to learn of all the interesting activities people have going on in their lives, & I gotta say, it's downright inspiring. 

Take Tiffany, for example.  We were introduced thanks to Twitter, and I'm excited to share her side project with you.  In addition to being a full-time legal wiz, together with the whole family she produces "Tristin and Tyler: Tales from the City," a web series hosted by her adorable twin boys, Tristin & Tyler.  In short form videos, Tristin & Tyler highlight different environmental projects going on around NYC.  From interviewing an "upcycler" who turns old umbrellas into dresses & accessories, to donating their old denim to a local recycling organization, the boys are discovering talented people all over the city who are doing good for our planet.

The adorable hosts of
Tales from the City

Here's an excerpt from a recent conversation with Tiffany:

How did you get the idea to create a website and webseries around the environment, hosted by your kids?

The idea came about because we wanted a way to reinforce eco-friendly/green themes, as well as a way to allow city kids to really enjoy their environment. Cartoons show a lot of imaginary places and themes, which is great! But it's also nice to have children watch real kids, in real places doing real things they can do too! Another goal of the show is to promote things parents can do with their children for little to no expense. So whether its crafting with household items or visiting ducks in a park, its something the family can do together.

Any particular goal/plans for the future regarding the show?

We would love the show to have a larger audience of parents and children, but really we want the show to help parents think of fun, crafty, educational and green things to do with their children. If we could make one parent make a fun craft, recycle or reuse an item based on their viewing the show, we would have done our job!

How do YOU manage it all as a full-time working mom/producer/manager!?

Great question! It's hard work as I am sure all us moms are used to. I have a full time job, a husband and the twins so it can get a bit overwhelming at times. But, I love my day job and if I have to work hard at something in addition to that, it's nice that I am able to do it with my family. Shooting and editing episodes, doing research for the show and meeting all types of creative people is so worth the work when I see the boys light up when they see it all put together. They are learning so much, and they get to do some really cool activities too!

I encourage you to check out Tristin & Tyler: Tales from the City with your kids, not only because it's a family-friendly way to introduce your children to going "green," but for the momma who's making it all happen from behind the scenes!


Sonja said...

It boggles the mind how one mother can have so much time and energy! She is truly inspiring!

Tiffany's Toy Box said...

What an amazing post! Thanks so much! :)

Anonymous said...

My kids and I love your T&T's tale of the city and I like it even better now that I actually got to hear a little about your background and all the dedicated work you. Keep up the good job guys!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

Oh wow - this sounds incredible!! I love the concept, and am going to check it out right now!! xx

coolkids said...

Love Tiffany and of course Tristin and Tyler! They are two cool kids!! (they were featured on my blog last fall).

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