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onward & upward...

Well, something like that.

With a July moving date looming ahead of us, we've started spending our weekends looking at apartments.  We've pinpointed Washington Hudson Heights as our neighborhood of choice... primarily because you can get more bang for your buck when it comes to apartments, and it's family-friendly with access to gorgeous Ft. Tryon Park.  There is a distinct neighborhood feel -- almost small town-ish -- yet you're still on the island of Manhattan, which we both like.  We still dream of brownstone Brooklyn, but the fact is, the neighborhoods we like in the outer borough are Manhattan prices without much additional space.  Soooo.... uptown it is! 

Apartment searching was kind of fun at first... sure, we found a pigeon in one living room (note to self & others: don't leave your windows open) and cracked countertops in another, but hey, that's charming, right?  Sigh.  Is it too much to ask for crown moldings, wooden floors and a modern kitchen?  That's my dream and yet I'm not sure it exists (in our price range, anyway).  We'll see... there's still time... all I can say is, wish us luck!  I am confident that we'll find someplace great, because really, what other choice do we have?!  Let's hope the power of positive thinking applies to Manhattan real estate.  Mommy needs her nesting phase to kick in soon, as Baby S 2.0 will be arriving at the end of September, whether we're prepared or not!

We managed to jam a bit of fun into the long Memorial Day weekend (thank goodness!), hanging out in Ft. Tryon Park with friends who were celebrating their son's 2nd birthday.  On Monday, we strolled over to Chelsea Waterside Park so Toddler S could splash around in some cold water.  Summer has arrived (what happened to Spring, by the way?!), and watching her running through sprays of water was the perfect way to cool us all down.  Wet toddler = wet parents!


Elise said...

Ooo, good look apartment hunting. We were in your same situation 3 years ago and left the city because we couldn't find exactly what we needed/wanted.

Spring did skip us didn't it?!?

robin said...

The Heights are great, and definitely you are right about the neighborhood-y feeling. My only word of advice (as I went up there with my toddler last week to visit a friend) - aim to get near one of the subways with an elevator all the way to ground level, a bunch of the subway stations up there have elevators but also a ton of stairs and are not stroller-friendly. I think I got off at the 175th St. station on the A line, and that has access all the way to the sidewalk. Just check a subway map for the stations with the little wheelchair icons ;) Good luck, my friend loves living up there with her toddler!

Sonja said...

I know you'll find something nice! Make sure there's a big guest room too, so we can all come and visit!

Anonymous said...

I really hope you find something soon! :) Glad you were able to enjoy the holiday weekend! :)

Barbie // Fringe and Feathers said...

Love the Robin's Nest color you shared on FB. Good luck with the search. I have a couple of friends in that area. You'll love it.

And cute pictures!

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