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newmomversation: travelling with your infant

This week, I participated in another Momversation video about travel with babies (agh!).  I'm excited to share it with you (though note to self: I will not be shooting the next one at 10:30pm - I think the long day I'd had leading up to that moment showed on my face). Nevertheless, the topic is a good one.  Does the idea of travelling with an infant scare you?  While it's certainly a bit overwhelming to think about (at least it was for me), as I mention in the video, I don't think it's impossible.

Of course, by infant I'm really talking about a child under a year old, as anyone knows with toddlers it's a whole other ball game (if you're feeling brave you can read my nightmare story here) and a separate topic entirely.

Here's the thing with infants: they really will be sleeping or feeding for the majority of the flight.  I can remember being worried about the pressure on Baby S' little ears, but as long as I was nursing or bottle feeding her going up and down, I didn't notice any issues. Having your diaper bag packed with all the essentials will aid peace of mind, and bringing a Boppy or travel pillow of some sort (if you have the room) will make you and baby more comfortable.  As baby becomes more aware of his/her surroundings, bringing a few toys/books/DVD player are a must, and as mentioned in the video, a brand new toy is a good thing to bring out if tears are on the horizon.

We all know flying is a hassle these days (with or without a Little One in tow), but I also believe it is the most convenient way of travel -- at least for my family. Hopping in a car has its advantages, of course, but if your families are scattered throughout the South and Midwest like ours are (and time is usually of the essence), there's really no other way to go.

Good luck, and check out Momversation for more videos from moms with an opinion on all manner of subjects!


Christina Louise said...

Travelling with infants can indeed be extremely challenging. However, most of the time the problem did not come from the children who were happily bouncing up and down on our laps. The problem usually came from the airlines who will not allow two babies to sit in the same row, or who fuss about double buggies being brought on board.

We once had two flight attendants fighting over whether my kids should sit in their own seats or should be attached to me with an extra belt for take off and landing.

All happy experiences!

Sonja said...

Miss Momversation definitely needs to take her 9 mo old on a plane! It's a worthwhile experience and not as difficult as she thinks. You tell'er, Ellen! Good job.

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