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the great name debate

(with a little $!#@^*! thrown in for good measure)

Okay... just had to get that out there. I feel much better now.

In a nutshell, we're having some issues on the name front. As in, the little gal currently residing in my belly is nameless and will be arriving (presumably) in about 6 weeks. So, why panic... right?  There's still time for the most amazing name on the planet to surface, one that we'll both love completely... right? 

This last part is key. Basically, Husband and I can't agree on a name. We both have names that we love and the other hates isn't crazy about. This has encited laughs and a few arguments, the root of which is not the name itself, but the fact that I don't actually want to tell Husband that I don't actually like the name at all... I'd rather be nice and play both sides of the fence. 

Doesn't he know this is what we women do?! 

So, while I work on being more forthright, here's a list of my name stipulations (okay, "issues"), which I've listed to Husband. As a result, he thinks I might consider seeking professional help:

1. If the name offered is the same name of someone on a reality show, or someone I've ever known in my life that I didn't like, I reject it.
2. If the name is deemed too '80s, too stonewash jeans mall-ish, I reject it.
3. I'd prefer Second Bambina not have the same starting initial as First Bambina (either given or nickname) -- let me say I know a lot of people actually choose names completely on this fact, which is totally their choice; however not for me.  Problem is there are lots of good names that start with "A" and "M"!  I'm also keenly aware that I may have to get over this...
4. Schmidt is a somewhat challenging surname. For instance, Charlotte is my mother's name (which I love), but Charlotte Schmidt is a mouthful.
5. I hate it when a certain celebrity that I happen to abhore chooses a name that we'd practically settled on, thus causing you to throw out name out of spite.
6. Is it too much to ask to find a fabulous yet classic name that isn't overused or set to "skyrocket" in the years ahead?

The list, unfortunately, goes on... I will say that Husband and I have about 3 names right now that we're toying with, and I'm secretly hoping that I can sprinkle magic-name-lovin'-pixie-dust in his direction so he'll love one particular one as much as me.

Until then, I'll be obsessing over the likes of Nameberry and You Can't Call It "It",  two favorite name blogs that I've discovered in the midst of this great quest. 

So what about you, fellow mamas?  Was choosing a name as difficult for you as for us? 


Erin said...

Surprisingly, my husband and I have not a huge issue picking out names. For our first, we both liked the nickname Alli, and eventually settled on Alyson (I totally picked the strange spelling because I like the letter y. Personal thing.). Our second daughter, due to arrive in October, currently has a very popular name as her first name, which doesn't thrill me, but I LOVE the way it rolls into the middle name we picked. So I'm hoping that I will love the parts that make up the whole by the time she arrives. Especially since we already taught big sister her name... ;)

Empty Nester said...

You know what we did---we went the family name route. I chose two of them and your cousin chose the other two. Or maybe I chose all of them. Whatever. He was easy.

Whatever y'all come up with I'm sure her name will be wonderful! After all, the first one was!

Mya Maternity said...

Deciding on a name can be really hard especially if both parents are really picky about what they want. To be honest my husband came up with our second son's name and I really didn't like it to begin with. After he was born though and we actually started calling him by that name it really seemed to fit him and I really love it now. Sometimes you have to give a bit. Maybe he gets to pick the first name and you pick the middle name. Good luck..

Jenny said...

When I was pregnant I was set on the name Harper if we had a girl. It's been my pick for the past three years or so and I told no one (except my husband and mom). I silently patted myself on the back for my lovely and original choice. Well, guess what name EXPLODED in popularity??? As it turns out we had a boy so I didn't have to make that choice, but I'm bummed that I'll probably have to give it up for any future babies.

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