the countdown

The countdown to Baby Sister is most definitely here.

My due date is Thursday, September 29th, and as of my doctor's visit on Friday, I'm 2 centimeters dilated. So basically, she could arrive anytime now... and while I know this may sound crazy, I'm not sure it's really going to hit me until it, um, hits me.  You'd think I was doing this for the first time or that I haven't been carrying around a watermelon for what feels like the last 2 years.

Like any prego, I've got a range of emotions playing through my head during every waking moment (oh okay, while I'm asleep, too). We're so excited to meet this new little person, and at the same time I am feeling anxious as to how it will all go once we're home.  Quite honestly, I've completely forgotten about life with a newborn, and I am very curious as to how the toddler in the house is going to feel about Baby Sister. Would also be lying if I didn't mention the fact that sleep deprivation and delivery aftermath (not to mention delivery itself) are not three of my favorite memories from the first time. Ah, new motherhood amnesia, it's a real thing, I'm convinced... 

I've done about 35 loads of laundry this weekend, so apparently the nesting instinct is in full effect.  Size 1 diapers bought - check.  Big Sister's hand-me-downs (and a few new duds) washed - check.  Co-sleeper set up and ready to go - check.  Now we just need the bebe.

Despite feelings of anxious anticipation, I'm still scouring the Internet for fun baby items (let's call it a stress reliever...) as I prep for Little One.  Looking back at photos of Baby S' entrance into the world, I noticed the hospital-issue gown I was given upon arrival and thought to myself, couldn't I do better than this?! Let's face it, you're not exactly looking terribly fabulous upon popping out a human being, so really, every little bit helps.

Enter Annie & Isabel.  The company, run by 2 sisters who happen to be nurses, was named after their grandmother & great-grandmother (love that). The enterprising duo have created a line of hospital gowns that are unique, comfortable and stylish. Goodbye drab and scratchy, hello adorable pink & black polka dots!  It's only fitting that Little One enter the world to see Mama dressed in pink, no?! I'm so excited to have something of my own to wear when we go in for the Big Day.

"The Annie"
Next up, I've discovered what might possibly be the best new baby shower gift out there -- Sticky Bellies.  This line of stickers helps mark baby's first year of life -- simply place the sticker on their outfit as the months go by and you've got a really adorable way of marking these important milestones.  The company has expanded their line of stickers to include baby's second year as well as weeks of pregnancy. I can't wait to pull out my camera... though I must admit I have feelings of -- why didn't I think of this?! -- every time I look at their website.  Too darn cute!

Photo credit: Sticky Bellies website

Perhaps by my next update, I'll have a REAL update for you? We shall see... 

Thank you to Annie & Isabel and Sticky Bellies for sending me their respective products... I am so excited to try them both out!


big apple books: a duck in new york city

A Duck in New York City

Never in a million years would I have thought I'd identify with a duck in a children's story, but I guess stranger things have happened...

So here's the gist.  Little Duck wants to dance on Broadway, and he's bound and determined to make his dream a reality. With inner strength and determination, he leaves everything he's ever known to make the trek to the Big Apple. Along the way he meets Big Betty, a truck driver, who helps him out with a lift and an extra dose of moral support. And ya know what? Little Duck makes his dream come true.

I love Little Duck's tenacity and positive outlook, and appreciate that Kaldor's tale is about overcoming your fears to strike out into the unknown.  I had a lot of the same feelings when I first moved to New York City, but looking back, I'm so glad I was able to make my dream a reality, too.

The added bonus to A Duck in New York City is that it comes with a cd of original tunes! Connie Kaldor, in addition to author, is also a Canadian folk singer/songwriter, and the songs are a great accompaniment to her original story.

A duck with a dream; you gotta love it.


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