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friday finds: shoemees

At two and a half, my daughter has not yet discovered the joy that is shoe shopping, but she does have an opinion about which shoes goes with what outfit.  There's no question about it: we have a bonafide GIRL on our hands, which I must admit I not-so-secretly love about her. Until she discovers the bliss that is shoe candy, I'll enjoy shopping for her little feet. Wouldn't you agree -- take any ol' run of the mill shoe, make it miniature and it just becomes CUTE.

I recently discovered Shoemees, which takes a fun, environmentally-friendly approach to children's footwear. Let's start with the outside: the box your child's shoes arrive in will not be tossed in the recycling bin or left to gather dust in a closet somewhere, as it was designed to be a carrying case (or "purse," according to my tot) which can be played with long after the shoes have been taken out.  The box, made out of recyclable materials, can also be folded completely flat for easy storage.

Inside, along with your shoes, you'll find stickers and a little accompanying stuffed toy -- Blaze or Aqua, who answers environmentally-related questions on the inside of the box. In addition to just plain fun for your child, the goal of Shoemees is to teach your child about recycling.

While this may seem gimmicky (it all comes down to the actual product, right?), I'm happy to report that the sneakers themselves are well-made and adorable! Retailing at $39.95, the soft leather/suede exterior is durable and the inside is cushion-y, giving her the support she needs as a growing girl (in the photo below, we chose the red and pink pair).

So here's the best part -- Shoemees is offering an additional $5.95 off to Baby Meets City readers! Just enter shee5 at checkout. Here's to shoe shopping made fun and easy, and in the words of Shoemees founder Melissa Oldfield, "Our goal is to save the planet one shoebox at a time!" I'll shop to that.

Happy Friday!

Disclosure: I was provided a pair of Shoemees for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed, as always, are my own.

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Alicia said...

$10 off?! Love this! I've got to check it out as I'm always on the hunt for new shoes for my son. He grows out of them SO fast!

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