dr. sears answers my questions

If you're a parent, or have come into contact with the baby aisle of any store, anywhere, chances are you know about Dr. Sears. "Dr. Bill," as he prefers to be called, has practiced pediatric medicine for more than 30 years, and is probably the most well-known pediatrician in the US as a result. His seal of approval on products is a powerful endorsement. Dr. Bill and his wife, Martha, a R.N., have raised eight children, three of whom followed their parents into the medical profession.  You can find out more about the Sears family, along with helpful answers to your parenting questions, on their website.

"Dr. Bob," one of the three children who followed in his father's footsteps, was in town last week speaking about one of the most common issues babies struggle with during their early months of life: colic. Though I wasn't able to meet with him face to face, I did get to send along a couple questions for him to answer. I must admit I'm totally thrilled to post this video for you -- though I didn't meet him personally, this opportunity is probably one of the highlights of my blogging "career" thus far.

See below for answers to my questions regarding colic and what to do with a toddler who's decided she doesn't like to nap anymore (it's fun times at my home right now)!!


preparing the perfect nursery

I had the pleasure of participating in another Momversation video last month on preparing the perfect nursery. I wanted to offer a few additional thoughts on the subject, and I welcome any other suggestions you might have, too. My girls' room (part nursery/part toddler destruction zone) is an ongoing project, but I've had so much fun picking out the color scheme, Big Girl Bed quilt and bedding, etc. thus far. I have storage issues galore, but I'm saving that for another post coming up.

Anyway, we touch on it in the video, but I really don't feel like you have to go overboard with your baby's nursery. Generally, I feel like less is more, and I think that translates to interior decorating, too. As I mention in the video, I put my old dresser in the baby's room, and it's worked out really well.  I painted it over and we have changing pad on top, with room for diaper caddy and a few other misc. items.

I love the idea of putting a few sentimental items in the room as well. In our first nursery, I had my silver baby cup sitting on a bookshelf alongside a pair of Husband's baby shoes that his mother had dipped in copper. Pretty neat. The walls were painted a light yellow (we kept the first little gal's sex a surprise), but with an added bonus: my dear friend from childhood, a very talented artist and mama to three little gals, flew up to NYC and painted a gorgeous mural on the wall of a tree and a few birds. Perfectly lovely, and it made a tiny room (and former "office/junk storage/man cave") a really special place to be.

Well, that and the cute little baby living there. :)

Our first nursery:


beautiful chaos

I think a friend of mine, also a mother of two children, described it best.

Life these days is beautiful chaos.

The term has really stuck in my head, during the wonderful moments and the not-so-wonderful. And it has a lot to do with why I haven't blogged in over a month. I felt the days of maternity leave slipping by so fast once December hit that I just wanted to spend every available moment with my little gals. Couple that with the hectic rush of the holidays, car travel to Wisconsin for Christmas (!!) and getting my head around returning to work and you have one slightly-exasperated-yet-trying-to-savor-every-moment mama. Which left me exhausted. And seriously questioning my multi-tasking skills.

I returned to work last Tuesday, and it was depressing as hell (can't think of a more eloquent way to put it...) I must admit, however, that I've found falling back into a schedule somewhat comforting in a way. And it means that every available moment at home is jam-packed with:

there's 2 there's 4 there's 6 there's 8...

Beautiful chaos.

We are learning how to manage it all, this new life with children who are growing so fast I desperately want to freeze time. With work. Added responsibilities. Schedules. Our days are challenging at times but so incredibly worth it.

And hopefully I can find some time to write about it here.

Here's to more blogging in 2012, and a happy/healthy/laughter-filled year for all of you!
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