friday finds: happy future

Happy Friday!

I often come across products, photos, songs, words of inspiration - you name it - that I file away in the trusty ol' noggin under 'things to remember.' And I always, always have the best intentions to share them with you at a later date. However, with motherhood comes, oh, let's call it... MEMORY LOSS, and I often don't remember what I've done yesterday much less that lovely little thing I wanted to share with the world.  Thank God for Pinterest, which, unless you live under a rock, you've heard all about in the last few months and have likely become as addicted to as I have (you can check out my board here).

In an effort to be proactive, I'm starting a new post every Friday where I share something new that strikes my fancy, whether it's an innovative product that I've been pitched, photo I've come across, etc. With that said, today's discovery is Happy Future, a new baby bath & cleansing products company from France that has recently made its way to the US. The line, which includes bath and shower gel and no-rinse cleanser and lotion and moisturizing lotion, is hypoallergenic, 100% organic and USDA approved. AND, for those with allergies, is produced without any nut by-products. I also love that Happy Future comes from the land of Sophie, not gonna lie.

I have been using the bath gel and lotion during the girls' bathtime, and the smell is completely natural and not "perfume-y" (for lack of a better word) which I really like. Frankly, after reading about the cancer risk in a major retailer's baby shampoo product, I have been doing a much more thorough job when reading labels these days. And while all-natural brands might be more expensive, the added cost is completely worth it for my peace of mind.

On that note, Happy Future is offering 25% off to Baby Meets City readers through the end of April with code BB1016 when ordering through their website. Happy 'Happy Future' shopping!

Disclosure: Happy Future provided me with product for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed herein are, as always, my own.


if mom had 3 minutes...

What would you do?

I have a few thoughts on the subject, because like any mama will tell you, we get to be very good at time management when children enter our lives. Making the most of every moment becomes of the utmost importance, wouldn't you say?

Here's the quickie background: I'm very excited to be working on a new campaign with Clorox, who in turn is collaborating with children's book author Karen Kaufman Orloff, of "If Mom Had 3 Arms," to create an e-book called If Mom Had 3 Minutes. One very cool part? Suggestions and time-saving tips for the book are coming directly from mamas everywhere -- all you have to do to contribute is visit Clorox's Facebook page (or in the comment section of this post).

Even better than that? By commenting on this post with a tip (and a way to be contacted), 20 of you will be randomly selected by Clorox to receive a coupon for one free Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes product.  Spring cleaning, anyone?

To help get you started, here are a few things I do to make my household run a little smoother (and if you saw my laundry pile at home, you might be laughing out loud right now):

1.) I can't wait until we can all eat together as a family, but right now we still feed Toddler S first and Husband and I eat after she goes to bed. While she's having dinner, I save time by doing a few dishes and starting dinner for us.

2.) Toddler S is entering a "helping" phase, which is totally sweet despite the fact that her idea of helping is, well, not usually that helpful. But, she gets props for trying! She really enjoys "helping" me do laundry, which I actually don't mind because it means I get to spend time with her while I'm down in the basement of our building sorting out brights from whites.

3.) I read email, have phone conversations and look at Facebook while I'm breastfeeding. I feel slightly guilty about this, but it's honestly a good time to catch up with friends and family. I've also been known to do things like cut my daughter's fingernails while breastfeeding (actually, both daughters' nails, now that I think about it!)

Thanks in advance for your contributions, and I look forward to reading your tips!

Disclosure: I received information about the If Mom Had Three Minutes program and coupons for Clorox® Disinfecting Wipes from Clorox for this giveaway. I am being compensated by The Clorox Company to talk about my favorite time-saving, multi-tasking tip(s) as part of the If Mom Had Three Minutes Program.


review: be kind kid shop

There is entirely too much plastic in our apartment. This is particularily irritating to me because plastic-overload was one of those things I thought about pre-parenthood... specifically, I would never be one of THOSE PARENTS who let plastic toys, trinkets, flatware, games etc. etc. etc. etc. take over their living space. Ah, memories. While I embrace the fact that with my cuties comes incredible mounds of stuff, I have decided to wage a small battle against all of it.

Watch your back, plastic!

First step: the kitchen. Enter Be Kind, a new mom-owned and operated business (love that!) which features glass as an alternative to the plastic flatware and sippy cups currently filling up my cupboards. While this might not seem like the best choice with small children, Be Kind's glass goes through a unique tempering process which makes it 2.5 times stronger than regular glass. AND, it's a healthy alternative to plastic, as it's made from completely natural materials (not to mention more aesthetically-pleasing). Be Kind's Silislipper is a silicone training top that is valve and spout-free, which encourages young children to learn to correctly sip from a glass.

I also love that Be Kind donates a portion of proceeds from every sale to Charity: Water, a non-profit where 100% profits go to fun water projects around the globe. In a word -- awesome.

On a personal note, I should mention my toddler loves her "Big Girl" plate and tumbler glass because it is similar to Mommy & Daddy's dishes. So not only has our kitchen plastic been transferred to the recycling bin, but Be Kind is another product that's helping transition our little gal to official Big Girl status (quick Mommy sidebar: I may in fact be sniffling a little bit right now).

Disclosure: Be Kind provided me with product for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


big apple books: above new york

Above New York
by Nina Gruener & Robert Cameron

I love having a window seat whenever I'm flying into NYC, as the views over Manhattan are simply stunning. Gazing down over the skyline, a 'pinch me' moment results with the realization that I get to live here -- which literally gets me every time.

In Above New York, author Nina Gruener celebrates the work of her grandfather, the late photographer Robert Cameron.  Cameron is best known for his aerial photography books of famed cities and natural wonders, publishing 19 in total, from Above Paris to Above Yosemite.

In an ode to her grandfather, Gruener adapted his photographs of New York City into a children's book about a little boy named Cam discovering the Big Apple for the first time. Not only are the photos beautiful, but the story is filled with whimsy and lovingly celebrates the curious nature of children. I think it's really special that Gruener has chosen to remember her grandfather this way -- and I have no doubt that Cameron and "Cam" would have been kindred spirits.
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