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a christmas recap & a new year ahead

Looking back at last year's Christmas recap, it appears I'm on a roll... time for another mid-January post, but this time the location is that frozen tundra known as Wisconsin (the downside of marrying a Midwesterner... visiting his home state in the middle of winter).

But before we get into that, let's chat about time management, which could almost certainly be my New Years resolution -- i.e., finding more time to do everything I need to do! Not to complain, of course. Writing for BabyZone keeps me pretty busy, along with various other projects. Oh, and that whole motherhood thing. But I must admit it is hard to get much writing done with little V around to entertain me. That and piles of dishes/laundry on any given day. As a result, most writing happens in the evening hours after the girls have gone to bed. Not complaining, just... owning. Here's to more effective time management and superwoman powers in 2014. 

Now, on to the fun stuff. I can sum up our road trip to Wisconsin in a few sentences: Throw up. Lots of throw up. Did I mention throw up? 

Simply put, Vivian had a bug and threw up a handful of times the first day. Millie caught the bug and threw up a handful of times the second day. Insert multiple stops at rest areas for changing clothes, cleaning up car seats and children and you have two withered parents by the time we arrived in Antarctica Wisconsin.

Thankfully, once we arrived the girls were well again almost immediately, and we enjoyed a lovely Christmas vacation week with Husband's family. Winter Wonderland outside... added bonus. 

Here's to an amazing, productive, thoughtful and thankful 2014, friends! 

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Sonja said...

I'm surprised you and hubby didn't start throwing up too just from having to clean so much of it up. Always did that to me.

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