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need to know publishing launches first 3 titles

I recently attended the launch party for Need to Know Publishing, a new children's publishing company with three titles already under their belt. The company is the brainchild of three friends (all fathers) and their dream of producing quality and informative children's books. The series of board books, which aptly begins with "What Every Child Needs to Know About ..." has taken on the varied topics of Elvis Presley, Coffee and Cancer thus far.
photo credit: Marc Engelsgjerd, MD
While the Elvis Presley book is brought to life with archival photos of The King and a look at his life and legacy (and favorite sandwich!), Coffee takes a humorous look at why most adults NEED coffee in the morning as well as where the coffee bean comes from and how it's produced (we particularly love this one as my gals know I am not fully functioning in the morning until I've had a cup of joe).

photo credit: Marc Engelsgjerd, MD
What Every Child Needs to Know About Cancer is obviously more serious yet written in a way that's age-appropriate. I can see how this book would be the perfect companion to sharing with a child that a loved one has the disease (one of the authors is a doctor and noted oncology analyst). An honest, simple and comforting look at a horrible disease that affects almost everyone in some way.

Upcoming titles include a look at the economy, punk rock music and pizza. While I'm the first one to sign up for a great fantasy or fairy tale, informative books where the whole family can learn something together are so important. Reading with my gals continues to be one of my favorite things that we do together, and we're all enjoying our new additions to the bookcase. And on a side note, Millie is now requesting to listen to Elvis.

Disclaimer: I was given Need to Know Publishing's first three books for review. All opinions expressed therein are my own.

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