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baby meets city meets the blue man group

Husband and I saw -- or rather, experienced -- Blue Man Group on one of our first dates. One of the original Blue Men is actually a friend of his, a fact he made sure to mention pre-date, no doubt trying to impress me (it worked). What can I say... I loved this crazy show then, and I loved it even more the second time around with kids in tow.

If you've seen Blue Man Group perform, you know it's nearly impossible to describe. But if a harried mother of two toddlers attempted to in stream of consciousness writing, it might go something like this:
Could not resist the photo op

Well, let's see. Three guys covered in blue (who don't talk, by the way) shoot marshmallows into each others mouths (all I can think is please don't choke!) and what about that paint, surely it's non-toxic? They play drums while painting and giving away art to audience members (what an awesome souvenir!) but beware of streaming toilet paper (think toddlers and their love for TP); And oh yeah, those giant iPhones... what was that about? Oh I do hope they use a good cleaning service.

Um, yeah. Instead of trying that route, simply tell whomever asked to simply GO. Just go. The Blue Men, despite being hard to describe, are simply unforgettable.

Now, as for bringing kids to the show... that's a no-brainer! Judging from our recent experience, I think 4 and up is the way to go. That being said, take into account if there are any issues with your child and loud noises as the music is rockin' all the way through. If not, you and your kiddo are in for a wild ride! Is it possible to be mesmerized and laughing hysterically at the same time? Because that was Millie. We loved getting to share this experience with her.

Side note, at our afternoon performance, there appeared to be a 10th birthday party in attendance, which I think would be a lot of fun. Blue Man offers birthday party packages and special group pricing. Double side note, as with a lot of theaters, the air conditioner is going full blast. Bring a sweater.

To experience the Blue Men on your own is one thing; to go back with your kids, quite another. I highly recommend it! Just go.

Disclaimer: My family and I were given complimentary tickets to see the Blue Man Group perform. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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