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we all need a reminder

In August, I will have lived in Manhattan for 14 years, which seems absolutely impossible. I've seen the city from many angles -- single girl struggling to pay the rent in Gramercy Park // in love in the East Village // "smug married," to quote Bridget Jones, in Chelsea // and finally, to the present -- mama with small children in tow in Washington Heights. It really has made for a heightened experience to live here while my life has changed so dramatically. But, and I have a feeling this happens to a lot of us, it is easy to forget why we moved someplace special when the everyday-ness of life takes over... particularly when you have kids and it is very much about taking care of their needs at any given moment.

I got a much-needed reminder of why I moved here yesterday, as we walked together as a family through Washington Square Park. It was a beautiful, carefree stroll on a gloriously warm day. We listened to music being played from every corner while we watched our daughters play in the playground. And while the park was filled to the brim with people, it didn't feel crowded. Excuse me for the cheese, but it felt like we were all supposed to be there, enjoying the moment. And feeling lucky that we get to live here.

I always wanted to live in NYC, from as early as I can remember.

I need to remember that more often.

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Monica said...

I love this so much Ellen. And I love how this city can remind us in one simple gesture of how incredible it is to live here. Beautiful.

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