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I've written about this before, and it remains true. It wasn't until I became pregnant and had children that I started to think twice about a lot of things, and what kind of food I bought was at the top of the list. I try to buy organic as much as possible (without completely breaking the bank) and I now read labels religiously. And here's a little known fact about me: wilted lettuce at the grocery store can really put me in a foul mood.

Thankfully, though, living in a large city like NYC gives one a special gift: OPTIONS. And of those options for the health conscious consumer, there's one I was recently given a chance to try out: Farmigo. Have you heard of it? Their website puts it best:

"Farmigo is a small startup with a big mission: To empower people to create a better way to eat, by creating farm-to-neighborhood access to fresh food, benefiting local farms and bypassing supermarkets."

Aside from the fact that the ordering process was simple and the options were much more plentiful than I was expecting, I love that Farmigo believes in community and supporting the independent farmer and small business. 

Here are a few of the items that made it on to my grocery list (because I know you were wondering!):

- Sweet corn & beefsteak tomatoes from Kernan Farms in Bridgeton, NJ
- Cranberry Cashew Granola from Granola Lab in Brooklyn
- Raw Local Honey from Hudson Valley Harvest in the Hudson Valley
- Butterhead lettuce from Gotham Greens
- Sweet cherries from Fingerlakes Farms

Hungry yet? 

Please note: there is no door-to-door delivery with Farmigo. That's a deliberate move in order to keep costs down and encourage interaction with neighbors and community. As an example, on the day of my pickup, I actually forgot one of my bags, and didn't realize it till I was on the subway home (totally blaming the children for this one). I texted with the lady who was handing out the food, and we arranged to meet up the next day at her home to pick up our missing bag. Not only did she invite us in, but we ended up staying a while just chatting in her charming brownstone. 

I believe it is those little connections with people that are as fundamental to Farmigo's success as their product offerings, and I'm pretty certain their "small startup" won't be small for long.

Disclaimer: I was given a credit to try out Farmigo. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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