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Magic Moments with The Amazing Zhus

I've got a bit of a not-so-secret secret to divulge: I live with a bunch of wanna-be magicians. To be specific, Husband enjoys a magic trick or two, and as a result, he's gotten the little ones interested in it, too. A few card tricks, a light up thumb, that sort of thing... and they just laugh and laugh when he entertains them (which he loves, of course). I like to just sit back and watch, as I'm not about to volunteer to be the lady who gets sawed in half. Ha!

As a result, I signed up for a promotion with MomSelect when I heard they needed volunteers to test out The Amazing Zhus Magician Pets. Talk about a win-win: not only do my children love animals, but they ask us on a daily basis when we are going to get a pet... and in a small NYC apartment, you can imagine the answer. Combine the idea of a "pet" with one that does "magic" and it seemed like a complete no brainer!

Recommended for ages 4+ (though Vivian at age 3, with her sister's assistance, has had a lot of fun with it), the Amazing Zhus are available exclusively at Walmart stores nationwide. With the assistance of Madame Zhu herself, the gals have had so much fun practicing "magic" and playing with these toys, which also included the High Dive and Magician Shell Game. From a parent's perspective, I can tell you it's nice when the batteries come included AND when the toy is easy to put together (referring to the High Dive... took me 5 minutes to build). Fun times with The Amazing Zhus!

On the High Dive, Madame Zhu is attached to wheels and zips quickly down from a "diving board" into a bucket.
They love how fast she moves!  

In the Magician Shell Game, Madame Zhu magically finds the nut underneath the correct shell...
I'm still not quite sure how she does it! She also comes with a wand and special cards that will make her sing, dance, etc...
She's almost ready to go zooming down the High Dive!

Disclaimer: This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Cepia LLC and MomSelect. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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