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Have You Heard the News? The Holidays are Coming.

... and every year, I'm still taken by surprise, even though Christmas carols are playing at Rite Aid before Halloween. I have to admit, though, the impending holiday season is MUCH easier to embrace when the temperature is already 30 degrees outside. Brrrr... (though to be clear, that does not mean I'm the least bit happy about the cold).

Despite my inner voice shouting, "Not ready! Not ready!", the days will continue to pass, inching us towards December. In an effort to try and be prepared early and actually enjoy the Christmas season, I've started to pinpoint gift ideas for the little ladies in my life, who are particularly interested in anything having to do with arts-n-crafts and dress up these days -- some of which you'll see below.

There will be lots of gift, holiday card & activities inspiration flowing on the blog in the next few weeks. Let's all embrace it together, shall we?!

A Few of My Favorite Things for Little Imaginative Artistes:

I've always known Uncommon Goods had a great selection of gifts for adults (I've bought several wedding gifts there in the past), but I'd kind of forgotten about their children's selection. Geared towards the small creative ones among us, the curated collection is thoughtful and artistic with an emphasis on environmentally-friendly products. This finger printing set combines classic stamping with drawing and fairies. I'd say that's a win win! 

Do you have piles of your children's art work stacked up around the house like we do? If so, Plum Print is a welcome resource! They will send you a box and all you have to do is pile your child's artwork inside, answer a few questions pertaining to the name of your child's book and an introduction, and they will do the rest. Your child's art work will be returned in addition to a professionally bound coffee table book of your child's masterpieces. Seriously amazing.
My daughters love to paint, but I'm always left wondering where that paint is coming from as it gets smeared all over their hands (and clothes, usually). I love the idea of these all natural paints available at Uncommon Goods. Plant-based and non-toxic, you simply shake out the colored powder and add water in the cups provided. 

This art dolls kit available at Bumblebean (where I have a curated collection of goodies) is like an updated version of the paper dolls that I used to play with as a kid. The kit comes with beads, felt, string, fabric... everything to unleash your little one's creative imagination as these little dolls come to life. So fun!

What do little girls like more than watching Frozen? Dressing up as Elsa! Little Gloriana, a children's boutique specializing in beautiful clothes for girls and their dolls, clued in to this rather quickly with their Elsa dress (and optional "mini" dress for your doll). The quality of their clothes is rather exceptional, with this heart-shaped sequin dress with beaded train an excellent example. For little girls who love their dolls (and who love dress up or getting dressed up!) look no further than Little Gloriana.

Disclaimer: While a few of these products were given to me for review, all opinions expressed herein are my own.

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