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New Year! Same Me.

Profound thought of the moment: today felt A LOT more like New Years Day than actual New Years Day.

Over the past two weeks, we visited family and friends down south for Christmas, I did a (mostly) good job of unplugging from social media, and upon our return, essentially lived in a time warp of sleeping in, tiaras and dress up clothes during dinner and binge watching TV shows I missed all season (like HBO's The Comeback) and watching bad movies ("3 Days to Kill," for the record, is not Kevin Costner's comeback). January 1st came and went, partially spent in New Jersey at our friend's lovely home in suburbia. We spent the last two weeks of the year coasting along, and it was lovely.

It is today, January 5th, the girls' first day back at school, that truly feels like a fresh new beginning. Back to a crazy schedule of drop offs and pickups, blogging regularly, pursuing freelance work and managing all the tiny details that keep our ship afloat. And it's not that I don't have dreams or ambitions, but I find all the motivational New Year affirmations (Let's Do This! You've Got This! The best is yet to come!) kind of irksome. I'm almost worried there's something wrong with me because I'm not plotting world domination.

If I had to create a Happy New Year affirmation poster, it would say, simply: MAINTAIN.

Let's see how many times we can get this one passed around, shall we? :) Not very likely... I know it lacks pizzazz. But truly, what's wrong with keeping the ship afloat? I can tell you I'm pretty pleased at the end of the day that my children went to bed warm, clothed and happy. And if a fun blog collaboration comes along, or I can write one page of a possible future children's book (my dream!), that's the icing on the cake.

I want to value every moment and not take any of the small things for granted... now that's an affirmation I can get behind. Pink has a great song called "These Are The Good Ol' Days" about the fact that this is it -- we're living the good ol' days -- and I used it in my Instagram wrap up this year. Here's to maintaining what we have and loving every minute of it in 2015!


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J Poindexter said...

Oh Ellen, I love the 2015 agenda. MAINTAIN! I'm on board! Life is already too busy. Our plates are full and we are blessed. No need to try and attain more! Love the video xoxo

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