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Big Apple Books: Charlie Girl

What fun it was to chat with Elizabeth Frogel, author of the Charlie Girl: "Tails" of A Very Original Poodle series, over coffee at Irving Farm recently (one of my favorite spots)! As I continue to review NYC-based children's books, it's been such a treat to sit down with authors and illustrators lately & get to know their stories more personally.
The idea for the Charlie Girl series came from Ms. Frogel's own poodle, Charlie, and her experiences in Central Park, otherwise known as NYC's back yard. Inspired by Charlie & her doggie friends, Frogel wrote the first book as an homage to Charlie's hometown. I just love the vintage feel of the illustrations in this book, and the girls have really enjoyed reading about Charlie Girl & her adventures (Charlie's fond of shopping at Bergdorf Goodman, visiting art galleries & eating in cafes along Madison Avenue... naturally).
And why stop with just one book? Charlie's vivacious personality warrants a whole series! Future books in the series will bring Charlie to Los Angeles, Paris, London & more. This pup has quite the adventurous spirit, but there's no place like home, of course.
In addition to a hardcover copy of the book, you can also follow along with Charlie's adventures online. I also love that Frogel offers educational worksheets for teachers & parents who would like to make Charlie's experiences a learning opportunity as well as an entertaining one.
Stay tuned for more from this precocious pup!

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