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An Afternoon with Happy Family Brands

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A few weeks ago, I brought Vivian to a photo shoot with Happy Family Brands, makers of all sorts of yummy organic treats for babies & kids. We've been buying their products since the girls were old enough to eat Puffs (quite possibly the best "go to" baby snack around), through "squeezies," as we call them in our household, to our current go to snack: nutrition shakes. In short, it made for a total no-brainer collaboration!
Next month, Happy Family will be launching Love My Veggies, the first line of pouches to contain a full serving of nutritious veggies like spinach and sweet potatoes (here's to simplifying the feeding process)! The pouches will be available exclusively at Target as part of their Made to Matter collection of leading natural, organic and sustainable brands.

I have to admit that while we do love the product, the photo shoot didn't go so well. Vivian, who is the biggest ham within the walls of our apartment, decided to clam up and um, refuse to have her picture taken without crying or clinging to me. Such a shame, too, because she looked so cute in the overalls they picked out for her! Come to find out, that was part of the problem... she wanted to wear a dress. Three year olds have an opinion, you know!

I am grateful to photographer Tara Donne, who caught this behind-the-scenes moment where she was actually smiling and running around having fun (she took all these photos, in fact).

Stay tuned for a second Happy Family Brands post coming soon -- I'll be giving away an exclusive Target Made to Matter gift bag filled with hand-picked products from the line!

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