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A Slice of Our Life: Summertime Essentials

I can't believe June is finally here. It seems I wait all year long for warm weather to appear, and then when it finally does... I'm utterly at a loss for words. This is what 9 months of cold weather will do to a person. To celebrate summer's arrival, I wanted to just share some of my favorite brands and/or items I've encountered recently, all of which we'll be wearing or using this summer. A public service announcement from Baby Meets City -- take it with a grain of salt or go on a shopping spree, it's up to you!

Swimsuit Ready

Summer means the sprinklers are on at the park and we'll be hitting a pool (let's hope the beach, too, at some point). When I think Garnet Hill, I immediately think towels and duvet covers, but did you know they have an adorable line of children's clothes and accessories? This season's swim collection is TOO CUTE, and I love this alternative to a traditional one piece:

Girl's Got Wheels

I'm excited to work with Electra Bikes later in the summer as they launch a new kids' line, but in the meantime, Millie will be rolling with her current bike. We love Bern helmets for a multitude of reasons, the first of which is it's comfortable to wear, and all that extra padding means extra support as well. Plus, it doesn't hurt that Bern supplies an easy guide for picking the right size helmet for your child, and well, this flower design with lid is kind of awesome.

Pounding the Pavement, er, Playgrounds

No, we're not sending them out looking for a job just yet. But, we do plan on having an active summer of PLAY (I'm going to try my best to practice this), so comfortable, light, airy shoes are key. I love that we basically wear Bogs all year round! We trek all winter long in our Bogs boots, so it's refreshing to note they make other footwear, where comfort and durability are most important. Their kids' sandal line is made for the playground. And how cute are these red shoes for mama?

Preppy Perfection

What can I say, little girls are fun to dress. And while I realize the day is drawing near where everything they'll want to wear is bedazzled with unicorns and sequins, I'm happy that they'll pretty much still dress in whatever I give them in the morning. For instance, J. McClaughlin, which is famous for their preppy, classic clothing, has produced a limited edition children's line -- and it's so lovely! The patterns are PERFECT for summer, and the fabric feels so soft and comfy.

Happy start to summer! School will be out before we know it, and then things will REALLY be legit. Stay tuned for  more details on an exciting summer partnership coming up! Also, we have to MOVE (within the city). More on both soon...

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