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A New Partnership: Spending the Summer with Equinox

When I think Equinox, I must admit the first image that comes to my mind is beautiful people perspiring (beautiful people don't sweat, of course). I don't immediately think awesome kids' programming, and perhaps mama losing a pound or two. That's about to change, as I've got some exciting news to share: 

This summer, I've partnered with Equinox to help document and share their amazing programs and classes for kids. And after touring their beautiful, airy space on the Upper West Side, and seeing children so happy & engaged, I'm even more thrilled to be a part of this program.

Here are a few brief facts:
*  For starters, there are 2 Equinox locations in Manhattan that offer "For Kids Only" programming (160 Columbus Avenue & 330 East 61st Street).

*  Absolutely yes, you can drop off your kids (ages 3 months - 7 years) while you work out. Done. Your kids will engage in cooperative games, tumbling, dramatic play, crafts, computers and science while you work out. Woohoo!

*  "For Kids Only" operates as a play space where you (or caregiver) can come with your baby/child and play together. This is a wonderful indoor play space alternative, especially during the long winter months. You don't have to be a member to take part in this feature, either (please speak directly to the gym about exact hours and times that this is available).

*  Consider Equinox when your child is of preschool age - they also operate an Enrichment/Preschool Alternative program. Who knew, right? The program is led by a former teacher & administrator who has a clear passion for children and their early education. Three age-group programs are available: Little Steps (ages 16-23 months); Stepping Stones 2's (2-3 years); Next Step 3's (3-4 years).

*  Lastly, there is tons of specialized instruction: basketball, dance, tennis, swimming, yoga, art & music... oh my! Truly an amazing experience for your children (and you, of course, if you choose to work out while they're taking part in any of these activities).

That's the plan this summer (the girls are interested in tennis & play clinics), and I look forward to sharing with you about the full range of our experience... even down to the shampoo in the bathroom. Because those are good facts to know, too.

Here's to being healthy & having fun with Equinox

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