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Big Apple Books: Story Time in Central Park

I think it goes without saying -- Central Park is one of New York City's most beautiful treasures. And at 843 acres, it's one heck of a back yard, too. So it comes as no surprise that our favorite green space makes an imaginative setting for a children's book.

See below for my latest additions to Big Apple Books:

Lizard From the Park
Written & illustrated by Mark Pett

While Millie's love affair with dinosaurs has waned a bit in recent months, who doesn't love a good baby dinosaur story? The girls were transfixed by Leonard's discovery of a dinosaur egg in Central Park, and Millie has now asked numerous times if we can go and find one ourselves. Umm.... we'll see. This sweet story of an unlikely friendship, and Leonard's decision to do what's best for Buster (even though it makes him sad) is a real lesson in growing up and doing what's right. And just magical enough to make a little girl want to go looking for dinosaur eggs this weekend.

The Central Park Tales
Written & illustrated by Marcus Meesters

What a precious book... I was reminded of Beatrix Potter's stories as I read it to the girls. I just love the classic illustrations an adventures of Striped Tail Raccoon, the Mouse family, Mother Dog & all of their forest friends. Bringing urban-living creatures to life is a bit of a past-time for Meesters, whose first book, The Vondelpark Tales, is about the inhabitants of a city park in Amsterdam. He visits London with The Hyde Park Tales, which will be completed in 2016. From tea parties, to tunnel digging and searching for pirate treasure, the animals of Central Park are quite a busy lot!

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