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Getting Holiday Ready with Cottonelle

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How is it that every year the holiday season seems to take me by surprise? Call me a slow learner or just plain stubborn, I almost never feel ready for the holidays until they're practically over. And don't even get me started on the colder temps outside...

This year, however, I've pledged to do things differently. I'm shopping for gifts earlier, getting our Christmas tree up over Thanksgiving weekend & preparing for guests in advance. That last part can be a wee bit challenging if you live in a small apartment in New York City, but we find a way & love hosting family & friends. And it's all the more festive during the holiday season!

Okay, so without further ado, here are some fun tips for being a hostess with the mostess (& staying as organized as possible during the visit):

Welcome basket: I love the idea of creating a small welcome basket for guests when they arrive. No need to overdo it, but include a few essentials they might not have thought to bring with them (headache medicine, lotion, toilettes, facial cleanser, band-aids -- you never know! -- floss... that sort of thing).

Fresh flowers: Head to your local farmer's market & pick up fresh flowers before your guests arrive. This is basically the cure for anything, actually.

Closet space: Make room in your closet for their hang up clothes, including a few extra hangers. If you get this out of the way before they arrive, you won't be scrambling as they stand there with their coat in their hands.

Bathroom surprise: Okay, maybe this is slightly over the top, but I like to make toilet paper origami when I'm expecting guests. What can I say, who doesn't like a little fun surprise in the least surprising of places. Not a terrible sail boat, eh? Cottonelle's Mega Rolls are key, because as the name suggests,  it's doubtful you'll have to replace the roll while guests are in town. As you can see from the sheer size, this toilet paper lasts a while!

Length of visit: Mmmm... so this might be the most important one of all. I'm not sure if you've heard the phrase comparing house guests with fish, but sufficed to say, confirming a number of days before your guests arrive is very important. In our "cozy" apartment, three nights is really the perfect amount before we all start tripping over each other.

As we gear up for the holiday season, it's important for us to take a moment & give thanks for family & friends that we've had the honor of having in our home over the years. We're both from different parts of the country, so staying connected can have its challenges, even with the wonders of technology & social media. And at the end of the day, there's nothing like catching up with a good friend on your COUCH instead of the computer. Here's to many more hosting days ahead!

Disclosure: I received compensation for this post with Cottonelle. All opinions herein are my own.

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