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The Week in Photos: Spring Break

I have to admit I was slightly dreading Spring Break. I had a few things scheduled, but I always worry that too much free time leads to bickering and whining (which leads to wine consumption by parents, though that's not such a bad thing). Luckily, though, the girls behaved pretty well over the week and we had some fun in the midst of things. Vivian was sick off and on which was a bummer, but I do feel like we made the most of their time off from school. Will elaborate a bit more on a couple activities in future posts, but for now, here are a few pictures of our time off:

We kicked things off with a promotional party for #NationalSuperHeroDay & the PJ Masks at the New York Fire Museum in Soho. The girls hadn't really watched the show before, but saw a couple episodes which they really liked. If your kids are into this crime-fighting trio, check out these PJ Mask-related activities you can do online!

Windy days call for kite flying, wouldn't you say?

I am still trying to process the awesomeness that is Brooklyn Boulders. We checked out their Long Island City location, and I was so impressed with the space. Not to mention, the girls had a blast! More information on their programs coming soon...

Towards the end of the week, we checked out the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theater's new production of Little Red's Hood (with a modern twist). Hilarious! One of my favorite activities for kids in the city. Afterwards, we hung out at the newly renovated Discovery Playground in Central Park (next to Tavern on the Green). Millie is rocking her new Chuck Taylor kicks from Converse, proving that what's old & classic is definitely new again.

How could I not mention Mr. Bo?!?! Mr. Bo is Vivian's class guinea pig and he has been with us all week. ALL. WEEK. LONG. The girls have loved having him and I will love returning him on Monday (we were in the midst of cleaning out his cage when I took this photo).

Ended the week with cupcakes at Magnolia Bakery. Because why not, right? More details on Brooklyn Boulders and Little Red's Hood coming soon. Have a great week!

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