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A Catskills Getaway (Part II)

I'm so happy we could get away for a few days last week. We drove up to the Catskills (basically two hours north of the city), and honestly I could feel the stress peel away as we first encountered those gorgeous hills and fresh mountain air. Is it possible to be both a city and country girl at the same time? Discussion for later date.

We spent our first two nights at The Emerson Resort followed by a night of camping at Mongaup Pond in Livingston Manor. On Thursday, we visited friends renting a house on Lake Dutchess before heading home. Short. Sweet. Perfection. Oh and we saw a bear crossing the highway one afternoon. That was maybe not my favorite part, but sure spiced things up a bit. Here are a few pics of our time away... enjoy!

Phoenicia Diner is a must-do if you're in the neighborhood. Excellent food & atmosphere!
With my southern roots, I had to try the shrimp and grits special. Did. not. disappoint.

Despite not being the sight of the ACTUAL Woodstock in 1969, Woodstock, NY has embraced its name and is a fun little town to walk around. Great restaurants, shops and street art. We went to Landau Grill (it seemed to have the best kids menu) and Taoo Juan's for ice cream afterwards. Fun day!

Mongaup Pond... we love this campground so much. After setting up our tent, we walked down to the "beach" for swimming with ducks and canoeing. We went in to Livingston Manor for an early dinner (don't miss Main Street Farm) and came back to our site in time to roast 'smores over the campfire. While I can't say I LOVE sleeping on the ground, the girls had a blast and I will happily do it again (although next time with a better mattress underneath me!)

This moment was near perfection. Sigh. I hope they'll still want to go camping with us when they're teenagers.
Serene and lovely Lake Dutchess in Holmes, NY.

Because when you're passing the Red Rooster Drive-In on your way home, you stop.

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