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NYC Dining with Kids: Playa Betty's on the Upper West Side

While there are a zillion restaurants to choose from in NYC, and many bill themselves as "kid-friendly," I wouldn't say that's an accurate description for all of them (no changing tables in the bathrooms, I'm looking at you). I suppose we all have different needs depending on what stage of the game we are with parenthood, but with that said, I can share that Playa Betty's hits all the key points for "kid-friendly" status with our fam.

First, it's a big restaurant! That matters, with or without the stroller. Maybe it's just the high ceilings, but room to breathe and unload your stuff without jamming into the person at the next table is a sight to behold in this town.

Second, the crayons and fun coloring sheets. Those are a must for our girls to keep them occupied while we figure out what to eat. Playa Betty's had both and they were super cute.

Menu! So my family and I love tacos, rice & beans and anything in the Mexican food arena. Playa Betty's describes its menu as "California-style beach food," and that's close enough for us. We got guacamole to start, which was fun as it comes with a handful of toppings that you can add yourself depending on what you like. We also got the Mexican corn appetizer... tasty!

The kids menu is $10 across the board, and it includes a drink of choice (apple juice of white or chocolate milk), entree (cheese quesadillas or chicken finger tacos with tater tots or brown rice bowl with chicken, sweet potato & zucchini) and ice cream for dessert. They chose tacos and chicken & rice, which they both enjoyed, though full disclosure, V wouldn't eat the sweet potatoes so I had to jump in there. I love that they offer this healthier option, though. It's such a pleasant change from the normal fries and mac & cheese.

Moving on, Husband got tacos -- YUMMY -- and I got a steak & spinach rice bowl, as I was feeling healthy for once in my life. It was both yummy tasting and filling, and I left the restaurant not feeling like I'd just gained 5 lbs, which is apt to happen when I leave any sort of Mexican-style restaurant.

But back to being unhealthy for a moment... our margaritas were delish (that probably should have gone at the top of my list for family-friendly restaurant qualifications- ha!) and I loved this churro vanilla bean ice cream sandwich. Soooo good. Other points worth noting: bathroom is downstairs and DOES have a changing table, and the restaurant offers high chairs and a delicious brunch menu on the weekends, too.

Worth a try, friends!

Disclosure: We were invited to try Playa Betty's for potential review. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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