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A Halftime Bathroom Break with Febreze & Charmin

So, pretty much everyone knows I'm not a huge sports fan... especially when it comes to football. Which is sort of hilarious since I married a guy who LOVES the sport (and plenty of other things, too, thank goodness). But that being said, I always watch the Super Bowl. Sure, it's mostly for the commercials & half-time show, but I do love the "all American" aspect of the whole event. And once upon a time, these two sure looked cute in their cheerleader outfits (though too bad it's not the Packers playing this year)!

For this year's big game, I've partnered with Febreze & Charmin to help spread the word about The Halftime Bathroom Break. Yep, you guessed it... this is the phenomenon of millions of Americans rushing to the bathroom for those precious few minutes between the halftime whistle & the start of the halftime show. Hurry, hurry, people!

Given the bathroom's popularity during the big game, I found it surprising to learn that half of Super Bowl party throwers aren't prepping their bathroom ahead of time & not only that, are forgetting to buy bathroom supplies. For shame! More toilets are flushed between the 2nd & 3rd quarter than at any other time of year (throw that little nugget out at your next dinner party!) And here's another fun fact: 3 rolls of Charmin Ultra Strong Mega Roll are long enough to span an entire football field. That, my friends, is a lot of TP.

So, when you're party planning, note to self: DON'T FORGET the bathroom supplies! We're having a few friends over to watch the Super Bowl, and I'll be prepping with Febreze smallSPACES with OdorClear technology (perfect for our tiny bathroom!) and Charmin Ultra Strong.

Keeping your bathroom stocked and smelling good (for the entire game and beyond) has never been so easy! Thankful that we'll be clearing away odor molecules instead of just masking them AND having Charmin around to keep everyone feeling clean. I would say that's a win win... regardless of who wins the game!

Disclosure: I partnered with Febreze and Charmin for this post & was provided with compensation & product, including a gold toilet seat. Yes, really! All opinions herein are my own.

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