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Big Apple Books: My Story, My Dance

"The best works of art are the ones that are the most personal." - Alvin Ailey

This week's Big Apple Book might not originate in New York City, but it most definitely ends there, leaving an artistic legacy that will go on for generations. My Story, My Dance, by Lesa Cline-Ransome, tells the tale of Robert Battle, the artistic director of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.

As a child, he was forced to wear leg braces, and it wasn't until Robert was a teenager that he discovered ballet was his passion. But by that point, many of his fellow dancers had been training for years -- he knew he had a lot of catching up to do. While watching a performance of Alvin Ailey's famous Revelations when he was a high school freshman, he just knew he had to be a part of this ballet company. Through the gift of amazing teachers and a supportive family, Robert went on to Julliard in NYC, where he'd received a full scholarship. Years later, hard work and an incredible talent for dance led Robert to where he is today -- right here in New York City, as the artistic director of Alvin Ailey.

The perfect book for lovers of dance and determination! And if you want to catch a performance of Alvin Ailey this weekend, June 16th-17th, at Lincoln Center, there are still several performances left. See HERE for schedule & ticket info.

This legendary company is a must-see, not only for their tremendous talent, but also for their spirit of giving back. The Ailey Spirit Gala, taking place this evening, in fact, raises funds each year to provide vitally needed scholarships for talented students of The Ailey School and support Ailey's innovative Arts in Education & Community Programs.

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