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Birthdays & Bubbles at the Gazillion Bubble Show (& a discount!)

October is birthday month around here, which basically means it's a bit hectic for the first couple of weeks and culminates with everyone's favorite candy-fueled, ultimate dress up day of the year. Throw in a little pumpkin picking and a fall fair or two and you have one busy (but fun) month. Do I always utter a quick sigh of relief on November 1st? YES, indeed I do.

This year, we continued the tradition of an "experience" birthday celebration rather than a party, which works out well for us and is frankly a bit easier to plan and less expensive than renting a party space, etc. We took Vivian (turning 6!) and her sister and two friends to the Gazillion Bubble Show, an experience I'd heard about for a while now but never seen for myself. So much fun!

This show is fantastic for kids, and let's face it, Husband and I were entertained, too. Because BUBBLES! In all shapes and sizes! Doing all sorts of crazy things! There are not enough exclamation points to describe the situation.

A few points to consider: best seats in the house are definitely in the first 10 rows in the middle section. Worth it to make sure that's where you're seated, trust me. Also, don't decide to bust out your leather jacket or anything that stains easily for the occasion, as you will, without a doubt, get bubble soap on you (which is part of the fun, just go with it...). Lastly, in case your child isn't picked to go on stage, you can spend $20 after the show is over for your child to have their photo taken inside a bubble. It's the worth the money -- the party girls absolutely loved it!

The show, which is now in its 10th year, is currently offering tickets for as low as $45 (regularly $75) with code GBPOP101 -- you can purchase tickets online, on the phone (212-947-8844) or at New World Stages (a gorgeous venue!) using this code. While it's perfect for a birthday (they offer official party packages, too), it's a fun activity no matter the occasion. My girls are still talking about it!

Birthday girl & her crew

Disclosure: I was provided with tickets in exchange for discount promotion. All opinions herein are my own.

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