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J.K. Rowling and the Simple Act of a Kind Response

Let's face it, the world is chaos lately. I find myself turning further away from the news with every horrible event that takes place - from mass shootings to wildfires to an incompetent president getting more insane by the day. Social media, which I have my own love/hate relationship with, doesn't seem to help. Except when it does (cute animal videos may in fact be the antidote to all the world's ills).

And here's another example. Each week, Millie is given a letter to write as part of her homework. The letter can be directed to anyone or anything: past addressees have included spaghetti and meatballs, Summer (the season) and her sister. In early November, Millie chose to write J.K. Rowling, as she is a massive fan of the Harry Potter series (if you know Millie at all, you know how much she loves Harry Potter). Having read the series now multiple times, seen all the movies, and most recently visiting The History of Magic exhibit at the NY Historical Society, it's safe to say she's Ms. Rowling's biggest fan. See note below:

I loved the note so much (girl power!) that on a whim I decided to post it on Twitter, as I know Rowling is active on the site. I certainly didn't think I'd get any response from her, but I thought if a fellow Harry Potter fan saw the note, they'd get a kick out of it. Well, almost right away, I noticed that she liked the post. And then moments later, we got this response:

SO AMAZING! Honestly, we're all still in a bit of shock that she responded with such a sweet note, and so quickly. Her kind gesture meant so much to Millie, and all of us, and serves to illustrate the beautiful part of Twitter, and social media in general -- that power to connect us, in an instant. The post has garnered almost 5000 likes on Twitter, and I wanted to share just a few of the lovely responses that it received -- 

One letter to her hero, one simple response, and a whole lot of people escaped to something happy that warmed their hearts. In looking at the bigger picture, it just goes to show you how one small action can do amazing things... if only for a moment. And in today's world, I'll take it. 🗲🗲

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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