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t - 2 months & counting...

Actually, less than 2 months.  Oh, sugar.  Baby S turns one in mid-October.  This opens the flood gates of many an emotion... starting with the obvious- I cannot get over how much she's grown, and how quickly!  The most cliche line in the book is 100% true.  Babies really do change overnight.  I am loving watching her grow before my eyes, discovering and reacting to everything under the sun.  Yet I look back to photos of her first few months and want to cry, immediately missing that tiny little life.

How motherhood can simultaneously empower you and bring you to your knees, I'll never know.

Her first birthday also means that I will soon reach my one year blogging anniversary.  Wow.  As I've said before, I'm immensely grateful that this little bit of space on the internet provides me with a creative outlet and a voice amongst all the other "mommy" bloggers out there.  To celebrate my one year anniversary, I'll soon be unveiling a fresh new look for my blog, with a fun addition I'll be sharing more about later.  I hope Baby Meets City is around for a long time to come and I'm excited for what the future holds.

So... birthdays.  A first birthday.  My mother tells me mine took place in our family kitchen, involving me, a high chair and my chubby little fingers going after my first piece of cake (I have a thing for sweets, what can I say).  We're currently trying to decide what to do for Baby S.  We'd like to gather friends and celebrate, but if we have it at our apartment, well, we can have about 3 people.  Husband suggested pulling out furniture like we did at a Christmas get together years ago.  If you remember the party scene in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" - that was our little affair, minus the cat.  I remind him that a one year old birthday party is not exactly the same sort of event.

A nearby park is the best idea in terms of space and affordability, but then weather is a concern.  That seems to be the #1 idea at this point, I just need to have a pretty good rain plan in place.  I've already spent way too much time on Etsy scouring cupcake holders and birthday banners.  There is some seriously cute stuff out there.  As I continue researching, I would welcome any ideas... to be continued!


Dorkys Ramos said...

I'm sure whatever you decide will be perfectly fine for Baby S. Because everyone knows the parties are for the adults. The kid has no clue what's going on! Have fun planning her little fiesta :)

Tough Cookie Mommy said...

Believe me, you are better off keeping the first birthday party simple with just your closest family and friends. I made the mistake of planning a grand affair for my oldest son's first birthday party and it was a complete waste of money. The baby couldn't care less about anything that was going on and I was aggravated by the end of it. LOL

Empty Nester said...

I meant to tell you that I read your blog to my mother (she refuses to have a computer) and she loves it!

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