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Grandmama & Granddaddy K are in town for a visit to see me, Husband & Baby S.  Nanny A has the rest of the week off, so G&G K reported for duty at about 8:15am this morning.  After running down the list of "she likes this" & "don't let her touch that," Husband & I headed off to work.  My mom would be raring to go as soon as she had her coffee and my dad just looked slightly bewildered.  Sufficed to say, they are in for a different experience than the last time they saw Baby S, as she was not yet crawling then (or exploring every nook & cranny of our apartment on a daily basis).  Side note: sometimes living in a small space has its advantages.

Their plan for the day involves going to visit a couple of our neighborhood parks, hitting Chelsea Market for lunch and walking on the Highline.  Not a bad day at all... and if G&G K get turned around, it's a good thing they're hanging out with a local.


Empty Nester said...

Trust me, they are in their element and will have a blast!

alicia said...

So lucky to be able to have grandparents nearby.

ellen said...

EmptyNester, you are so right. They are loving every minute of it, though I suspect they'll be pooped tonight!

Alicia, I only wish they were nearby... they actually flew in from SC yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Your mom and dad must be in heaven!!!

Doreen Lombardo said...

I hope they had a great time with baby and you!

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