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fall, how i love thee

My favorite season is upon us. Finally, after the humidity-filled and sticky days of summer, fall is here. With crisp weather comes a chance to wipe the dust off my favorite leather boots. To wear layers that cover up (cough!) certain areas that (cough!) desperately need covering up. To see my hair actually lay flat and cooperate. To order a caramel apple cider from Starbucks... and I don't even like Starbucks. To order the yummy goodness that is the chicken pot pie at The Half King. To watch the tree across the street from us change slowly into colors of yellow and burnt orange. I could go on. And on. There is something romantic and so very classic about New York City this time of year.

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Now to kill the warm fuzzy. Colder temperatures also mean the arrival of runny noses, fevers, an ever-present humidifer and a generally cranky Baby S. And don't even attempt to wipe the snot off her face. Such is the case for the last couple weeks, anyway. There is honestly nothing worse than seeing your child miserable and realizing there really isn't much you can do for her. I may do a cartwheel on the day she learns to blow her nose... but in the immediate future, I hope she is over the first cold of the season before her FIRST birthday on Wednesday. If she cries as she eats cake for the first time, I may start crying, too.

With that said, yes, I will continue to invest in tissues and Boogie Wipes this autumn/winter season. I will keep the humidier running and the nasal aspirator within sight. But in the spirit of keeping all things in perspective, I will also take delight in seeing Baby S play with leaves for the first time, in dressing her up for Halloween, in hugging her extra tight to keep her warm. And at Thanksgiving, I will be thankful that despite a season of colds, I have an otherwise happy and healthy child.

Have a great weekend!


Empty Nester said...

Please give the little one an extra hug from us. Tell her that her birthday gift is going in the mail tomorrow morning.

Madera y Zinc said...

I love you blog! Really interesting!!
Congratulations from Barcelona.

PhotoStory Collections said...

I love Fall too (almost tied with Spring). I've been putting off my visit to Starbucks but a Caramel Macchiatto is calling me more with the crisp air. THANK YOU for putting me on to this Boogie Wipes, Chunks just got over a cold and these would have been PERFECT. But now I know and will stock up!

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