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review: gloga at moomah

On a bright Saturday morning a few weekends ago, Baby S & I headed down to Tribeca for gloga at MoomahWhatsthatyousay?  Sure, I was a little hazy as the class began at 8:45am, but yes, you did read that correctly.  Gloga = glow in the dark yoga.  And Moomah is the carefree & creative arts cafe for kids, otherwise known as Best Playspace by New York Magazine.

Quick sidebar: the accolades don't stop there.  The NY Times also declared it has some of the best coffee in Manhattan & Brooklyn.  You can read more about that here.  And believe me when I say caffeine is essential for early morning yoga.

Moomah has a relaxing & comfortable vibe, thanks to the space's cool color palette (no primary colors in sight- hurrah!) and vintage aesthetic.  In fact, if Moomah's founder, Tracey Stewart (married to The Daily Show's Jon Stewart, incidentally) would like to come and re-decorate my apartment with the same feel of Moomah, I'd be more than happy to oblige.  Maybe it was the fact that the place wasn't overrun by kids that early in the morning, but it appears to be the perfect spot to enjoy some breakfast (or lunch) while your kiddo completes an artistic masterpiece.  Projects available for purchase range from "design your own tote (bag)" to creating fabric jewelry, placemats and shadow boxes.  Moomah's classes also run the gamut, from a focus on "arts & nature" to the "Everyone Gets a Song" workshop, which I hear is a popular one.  I don't think I'm exaggerating when I say it appears to be a one stop shop for tapping in to your child's creative self.

As Baby S isn't doing a whole lot of arts & crafts these days (we're still working on that whole walking thing) this is primarily a look at Moomah's Gloga class.  I joined two other moms & their babies (all within a couple months of Baby S) in the "Funky Forest" at the back of Moomah.  Taught by the lovely and limber Juliana Secches from Karma Kids, we turned the lights down low and let the babies crawl around while we practiced a few positions.  Baby S was pretty amazed at how her shirt lit up in the dark (wearing white is encouraged) as well as the various toys around her.  I was somewhat amazed that she seemed so comfortable in the dark, too.  We also did a few different exercises that incorporated the babies, and I can tell you that thanks to my little chunk, I am well on my way to Michelle Obama arms (for example: a "Ring Around The Rosy" game that incorporated lunges while walking around in a circle).  Glow in the dark bubbles were a fun way to cap off the hour.

Side note: If you are new to yoga, this might actually be a good way to begin.  The class isn't intense, but more a chance to get in some good stretching and have some baby bonding at the same time.

Second side note: If you can call a bathroom "rather lovely," that would be Moomah's.  The changing table is plush and they offer complimentary wipes and diapers.  

Moomah Mommy & Baby Gloga (6 weeks to new walkers)
$375/semester, $30/drop-in
Thursdays: 11:45am – 12:45pm
Saturdays: 8:45am – 9:45am

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dusty earth mother said...

Fun! I've actually been dying to try Moomah, maybe I'll do some glooga with you...

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