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Me vs. Santa

Let's see... how best to set up the story... 

Last Saturday, Husband was working, so the Little One and I were on our own.  Ya know, just a couple of gals out on the town, footloose & fancy free.  In the late afternoon, we ventured out to the Kettle of Fish in the West Village, where friends were hosting a turducken (turkey + duck + chicken = yummy goodness) party.  Looking for more space, they chose this neighborhood bar because it happens to have a side room that's great for groups.  Kind of the perfect, mellow setting to have some food & drinks with friends.

I knew something was up when, nearing our destination, I crossed paths with a couple guys dressed up as Santa.  Baby S, strapped to my chest in her carrier, had her first Santa sighting and I didn't even have my camera handy, I thought.  Bummed for 2.5 seconds, I rounded a corner and all of a sudden it was like the North Pole exploded in the West Village.  There were elves & Santas aplenty, most scantily clad and looking, umm... a little worse for wear.  Santa Con had descended on NYC.

Here is what I know now: Santa Con is an international event that occurs all over the US and in 25 countries.  On one established day in December, everyone & their brother who feels the urge to don a Santa or elf costume can dress up and walk around town.  Think of it as the Halloween of the holiday season... a time to dress inappropriately because you can, to drink yourself silly and to, most likely, regret it the next day.  Ah, good times.

This would have been entertaining if I had been on my own, but seeing as Baby S was with me, I quickly went into protective mode.  Entering the bar, I felt a cross between Moses parting the Red Sea and a mama bear protecting her young.  I kept my hands in front of me to make sure not a single St. Nick bumped or nudged us as I searched for my group.

Quickly finding the hostess with the mostess, I settled in with the party for some delicious food & holiday cheer with friends.  Sure, a couple Santas eyeballed the turkducken, but I think they knew better than to try and crash our little festive event.

Drunk Santa, don't even TRY and cross a mama bear.


Lindsay Wells said...

"You have a a bar!" :)

Empty Nester said...

It is amazing that we moms have that 'mama bear' feature that kicks in automatically, isn't it?! Let me tell you, it will never stop kicking in either. Even when the kiddies are not kiddies anymore!

Sarah at The Stroller Ballet said...

LOL! We saw those Santas last weekend too. And they were all wasted.

Ana said...

I'd never heard of Santa Con either! Very interesting.

Tiffany's Toy Box said...

I've been in NY all my life and have never heard of Santa Con either! This city is full of surprises! Glad you were able to enjoy it!

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