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tribeca gallery puppet show & exhibit for kids

R Gallery (82 Franklin St.) is hosting a puppet show this Saturday, December 11th. Come see Liz Joyce of Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater perform "Little Red Riding Hood" for your Little One. Husband, Baby S and I caught the show last month and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Joyce performs all roles, bringing each character to life with gusto, and throws in enough present-day references to keep parents chuckling (The wolf has a thing for Billy's cupcakes, for example). I have to admit the show filled me with nostalgia for my childhood... I mean when was the last time you actually saw a puppet show? Lotsa fun.

While there, check out R Gallery's exhibit, Renate Müller: Toys + Design. As I mentioned here, this display of the German toy maker's designs is her first ever solo exhibition in the United States.

Per R Gallery's website:

Conceived in the early 1960s during her student days at the Polytechnic for Toy Design in Sonneberg, Germany, Renate Müller's exceptional, uniquely whimsical toy animals and shapes have been designed and hand-made in exactly the same way since 1967 and hotly collected by design enthusiasts for years.

Photo credit: R Gallery
We got a chance to see the exhibit last month when we attended the puppet show (you will, in fact, be in the middle of the exhibit during Red Riding Hood's trip to Grandma's). And while Baby S is still a bit small to appreciate modern & innovative design (she's a little genius, of course, but lets cut her some slack), the older children present were having a blast. This is not your typical "look, don't touch" art show - from a sturdy seal & teddy bear family to detachable seating & bird mobiles hanging from the ceiling - Müller's toys are meant to be taken off the shelf and enjoyed.

If nothing else, this show gives children a unique opportunity to embrace art in a way that they've probably not yet experienced -- Müller's exhibit demonstrates that art can be functional, approachable and FUN. Think of it as Art 101 for the kindergarten set.

Goat on a Boat Puppet Theater presents Little Red Riding Hood
R Gallery
82 Franklin Street
Saturday, Dec. 11th @ 12pm
(earlier performance is already full)
RSVP Required: 212.343.7979 or


Christina Simon said...

Too, too cute!!!

Kristina said...

Classic! I remember the first puppet show i have watched.... i was so fascinated. it's a rare experience for kids nowadays and am glad this generation can appreciate puppet shows! =)

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