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review: method home for babies

One doesn't normally think of home care products as cool, but if you could place that description on one company, well, Method would be it.  The "people against dirty" brand has long been a source of non-toxic & environmentally-friendly home cleaning products.  I've used their foaming hand soap for years now - we keep the recyclable plastic pump and buy the liquid soap refills when needed.  Sure, it's a TINY little action in the great scheme of things, but in addition to regular recycling, it makes me feel like I'm actually doing something for the planet.  Not gonna lie, either - my love of the modern pump design is a big part of it, too.

A while back, Method was kind enough to introduce me to their baby care line -- who knew?!  Apparently not me.  In addition to their classic foaming hand soap made for kiddies (with fresh, fruity scents!) they also offer various baby wash &
shampoos, body lotion, baby detergent, diaper cream and a nursery/playroom cleaner. 

Over the last couple of months, I've enjoyed trying out some of these products on my own personal little guinea pig, the one and only Baby Toddler S.  I'm a big fan of the squeaky clean body wash (featured at right), the Tiny Hands foaming wash and the playroom cleaner in particular.  In respect to the playroom cleaner, I love that I have a non-toxic cleaning agent that I can use on her toys that I don't have to worry is putting anything nasty into the air or on her things (yes, that's my scientific assessment).  It's reassuring, plain and simple. 

You can read about Method's methodology here.  Their commitment to using safe & sustainable materials is one I can fully endorse, and I'm psyched that they've broadened their product line to include all the little ones out there - after all, it's her environment in the future that we're all trying to protect. 

In the spirit of full disclosure, I was given products from the Method baby care line in order to conduct this review.


Tiffany's Toy Box said...

I too was not aware of baby products from Method although I do use their adult cleaning products and soap. Thanks, for the info hun! xoxo

Loukia said...

I didn't know they came out with a baby line! That's awesome. I actually LOVE Method liquid hand soap - I always buy the blue and the purple. Sorry - don't know the names - but they smells SO good!

Sonja said...

It's my favorite hand soap too! Love the colors.

Monica said...

We frequently use method products in my home and I had no idea that they have a baby line! I am going to have to look out for it. All the best - Monica

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