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big apple books: a walk in new york

A Walk in New York
by Salvadore Rubbino

With Father's Day on the horizon, this week's Big Apple Books features a father & son tale of discovering the Big Apple. Told in the boy's first person narration, A Walk in New York is a charming look at getting to know this great city of ours. Each page features a landmark visited by the duo, and is chock full of information. For example, did you know the names of the lions perched outside the NY Public Library? Umm... I did not (answer: Patience & Fortitude), but must admit I feel smarter now that I do!

Salvadore Rubbino writes, "I love the way a good story or picture can take you on an adventure and introduce you to wonderful new things."  And in his first book, Rubbino does just that. 


Tiffany's Toy Box said...

I've been a New Yorker all my life and never knew about my pals Patience and Fortitude at the library! Thanks to you, I learned something new!! What a cool book, gotta check it out for my boyzz!!

Loukia said...

It must be such an awesome adventure, raising children in NYC. I love NYC! :) Also, now I have to start thinking about gift ideas for Father's Day!

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