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This past weekend left me reflecting on the journey that precedes Motherhood, & the enormous responsibility & privilege that comes with being somebody's mom.

We spent the afternoon visiting a friend who recently delivered her first child. Unattached at 40, she made a decision to pursue IVF treatment after learning she would not be able to become pregnant naturally, due to a medical complication. She had always known, without a doubt, that she wanted to be somebody's mom. I must admit I secretly pondered her decision... raising a child can be so draining... so frustrating at times... so HARD for two parents, let alone one! Yet despite my apprehension, I was, & am, in awe of her. She made a careful decision that came from deep within, & when the time came, took matters into her own hands to make that decision a reality.

This is what Motherhood is all about, & why it deserves a capital "M," in my opinion. Becoming somebody's mom is worth fighting for, worth making happen despite the odds & whether or not it bucks the traditional scenario. The reward? Well, it's impossible to put into words.

I would encourage us all to recognize the sacrifices of our own mothers, the challenges & joys of our journey as parents (& what it takes to get here) & our membership in an exclusive club: no doubt the greatest & most challenging job around.


Sam @ Mom At The Barre said...

Well said. Everyone always says it but its true; only after having a child yourself can you really appreciate how much our own mothers sacrificed for us. It truly is the greatest job around!

~ Y said...

I too greatly respect those who make the decision to become single moms, either by AI or by adoption. And, as you stated, it is SO hard to raise a child, alone or otherwise, BUT I also know that "craving" that a woman can get around a certain age... that baby fever that kicks in. And honestly, I don't think anything else can fulfil that craving except becoming a mom of your own. So my hats are off to them.

LOVE THIS: "I would encourage us all to recognize the sacrifices of our own mothers, the challenges & joys of our journey as parents (& what it takes to get here) & our membership in an exclusive club: no doubt the greatest & most challenging job around."

Great post - I stumbled it.

mommytojenna said...

I think about that all the time...I'm constantly in awe of the single moms in my life. I mean I can barely handle a weekend alone let alone a lifetime. But I totally understand the want/need to be a "mother". Just found your blog!

Loukia said...

Beautiful post. And so, so true. It cannot be put into words, how great it is. Motherhood is the best thing on earth, the scariest, the most amazing, wonderful thing there ever was. I cherish my mom and grandmother and adore my children beyond any word can ever describe!

Alicia said...

I always write Mother with a capital M because I think that it is well-deserved. I applaud all Mother's because it is truly a tough job. Single Moms are also truly amazing creatures. It's so hard to do it as a couple, so doing it as a single... well that's just really hard.

Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

Sonja said...

You put into words something that's very hard to express. Thank you.

Momma StJ said...

new follower here...

well said, well said :)

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