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Honestly, where does the time go? My maternity leave is now halfway over, and it's hard to tell where each day has gone, let alone the last 7 weeks. On any given day, I look up and it's 4pm, which I usually find legitimately shocking. Why this same occurrence doesn't happen when I'm at work, I'll never know. Or, I might know, but in the interest of job security, I'll keep those thoughts to myself.

In a weepy, nostalgia-filled moment the other day (if it's possible to be nostalgic for something that happened just 7 weeks ago...), I found myself looking at pictures of my hospital stay. While I kinda sorta spared you the details here, I realize I neglected to mention the one bright and shiny star of my hospital experience (other than Baby Sister, of course).

Exhibit A:

After delivery and feeling less than stellar, I shucked off the bleah and boring gown I was issued upon arrival in favor of an Annie & Isabel creation. I have never been so happy to have some color in my life, and the pink was appropriate, eh?

Sisters Anna & Selena, both registered nurses, began Annie & Isabel (named after their grandmother & great-grandmothers) when they recognized a need. Hospital wear is FAR from making a fashion statement, and the sisters realized they could make many a female patient happy if only they had something better to wear while being cooped up in a hospital room.  Gowns come in a variety of vivid and colorful designs, which will make the one you started out with a fleeting memory at best. Their website is, in fact, filled with testimonials of happy customers, from new mamas to those suffering from cancer.

The first few days of motherhood are exhilarating... and exhausting. We all know when you feel good in what you're wearing, you feel better on the outside... what you might not have known was this extends to hospital gowns. I didn't either, but I'm so glad I found out prior to Baby Sister's arrival. I loved wearing something that met the standards of the hospital, provided full coverage yet was comfortable, stylish and unique at the same time. And I'm not gonna lie, the compliments were fun, too.

A heartfelt thank you to Anna & Selena for sending me a gown to wear during my hospital stay. It came beautifully packaged and ready to go, including a fabric swatch to add to the baby book. Nice touch! This time around, I felt more together, more prepared for the birth. Knowing that I would love what I'd be wearing as I welcomed my daughter into the world only made the experience that much more sweeter.

Disclosure: I was sent an Annie & Isabel gown for review. All opinions expressed herein are my own.


Jen said...

Way cute mama! I am definitely going to look into options like this for when #2 rolls around. I look back my pics in the hospital and they are touching. I'm so proud of my accomplishment and I definitely look like the strong natural mama I felt like. But in retrospect I do kinda want to tell myself to "pick up a hairbrush" and "put on some decent pjs woman". Ha!!

Sonja said...

You didn't need any accessories . . . you looked beautiful as it was! (But I know every little perk helps in the hospital!)

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