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Lucky #13

Recently, I was asked to become a Kids Club 13 Ambassador... such FUN! Accepting was an obvious no-brainer. For starters, where would my life be without Dinosaur Train, Sid the Science Kid and last but not least, Sesame Street (my childhood & personal favorite). I owe a lot to this channel. Starting with the amount of time it occupies my toddler in the morning. I might still be taking a shower and getting dressed if it weren't for Elmo and the blessed words of "Dinosaur Train"... All aboard!

While on "assignment," so to speak, I will be checking out Channel 13 Partner venues (like the Rubin Museum of Art and Brooklyn Children's Museum) and highlighting their programs for kids throughout the year. I look forward to sharing with you even more of the amazing opportunities for children in the city... the number of which truly boggles my mind and keeps me excited about living here with little ones.

Now, on to the best part. As part of this partnership, I can give one Kids Club 13 Membership away to an NYC family who, more than likely, wakes up to Buddy the tiny T-Rex every morning just like I do.  The specifics of the membership can be found here, but let me highlight them for you:

-- You and your family are invited to 13 fun and fabulous events throughout the year (next up in September: Field Station Dinosaurs!), and at the duration of each event, you'll go home with a filled-to-the-brim gift bag (see Member Benefits). In a word: awesome!

-- Discounts at participating children's venues, museums and restaurants throughout the city. Hello, savings.

-- Your child's birthday will be seen on the air, more than likely while you're having your morning coffee and your kiddo is still in his pjs. Prepare yourself for the screaming that may ensue (possibly by you).

The membership regularly costs $75 and includes 2 adults and up to 3 children. Hurrah!

2 easy ways to enter via Rafflecopter: "Like" Baby Meets City's Facebook page and follow @KidsClub13 on Twitter. I will announce the winner in two weeks. Please leave me a comment with your email address so I'll be able to find you.

Good luck!

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pantrygirl said...

Cool giveaway!
Thanks, Ellen.

Unknown said...


I would love to win "Kids 13" membership. We love the channel and thank you for the nice blog!

Best Regards,


Unknown said...


I would love to win kids 13 membership. Thank you for the nice blog and for the opportunity!



Anonymous said...

Great giveaway!
My email is

Best regards,

LizaJane-popdarling said...

Very cool!

LJR said...

We are big fans of thirteen too and would be honored to win the membership. I'm Lori at

All the best for your blog, Lori and family

Lisa Pisano said...

Great giveaway!
I liked your Facebook page and followed Kids Club on Twitter.

MsQuietStormJ said...

Just entered! My email address is I love Kids 13!

MsQuietStormJ said...

Hi, I just sinned up for the contest... My family loves Kids 13! My email address is

christine l said...

I liked your Facebook page and followed Kids Club on Twitter. thanks for the opportunity to win the membership - we could really use the discounts!!
Thanks again!!

christine or

Anonymous said...

I liked your Facebook page and followed Kids Club on Twitter. i would really love to win the membership as we could really use the discounts!
Thanks for doing this contest!

christine or

Unknown said...

Thanks for the giveaway!

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