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the happiest time of year

There's no place like NYC at Christmas
 So the holidays are here (taking a moment to let that one soak in. Yep, still seems pretty  unbelievable). While I come to grips with how FAST this year has flown by, it makes me all the more determined to embrace every moment with the girls this season. I've always loved Christmas, but let's face it, kids make all the difference... their delight over every little thing (especially now that Millie is 3 and really starting to "get it") is fabulously fun and infectious. Truth: I'm kind of giddy just writing this post.

Another activity that gets me in the spirit is going through old holiday cards. And yes, I've saved them all... (insert pack rat joke here). I can't help myself -- I love looking back at old cards and seeing how my friends and family and their children have grown over the year. And being a lover of all things paper, I just adore looking at the card itself. Throw on a little Bing Crosby, make me a cup of cocoa and hand me a stack of Christmas cards and I am one happy chick.

This year, for our own card, we're choosing among the selections at Minted. ONE PROBLEM. I literally cannot narrow down the choices... there are SO many fun options. How do I love thee, Minted? Let me count the ways...

1) Easy selection: narrow your choices based on how many photos you want on the front of your card.

2) Choosing your card shape: How adorable that you can select what kind of edge your card will have -- from bubble scalloped to a waved frame. Now this is taking your holiday card to the next level, people...

3) Backer options: LOVE this. You can choose to add more photos, write a synopsis of your year's activities or just a quick holiday message. You also have the option of picking a coordinating pattern that goes with the card.

4) Design: Minted card designs, quite simply, speak for themselves... check out some of my favorites below. Now, which to choose?!?!?! 

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this review. is providing me with credit to purchase holiday cards, but all opinions expressed, as always, are my own.


Sonja said...

Just finished my cards and didn't know about Minted. Darn. There's always next year. Have fun - it won't be easy choosing from your multitude of gorgeous, precious pictures of your two sweet girls.

Unknown said...

They do have such lovely cards and your caption under your photo is right. No place like NYC at Christmas time. My hubby and I were there last year in December and it was nothing short of amazing!!

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