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starting our day with milk & ending it with "annie" on broadway

This post was sponsored by the Milk Mustache Campaign.

When you have a child in New York City, there are certain "firsts" that you look forward to, because frankly, that's part of the reason you live here. Their first time at the Central Park Zoo or The Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Their first time atop the Empire State Building. Their first Broadway show.

I got to experience the latter with Millie last week at a showing of "Annie," and I'm not even sure I can accurately describe what a great time we had, and how meaningful the experience was for me as her Broadway-loving mama.

Thanks to the Milk Mustache Campaign, my family started our day with a full breakfast and milk from Elmhurst Dairy (which, incidentally, is located in Queens and their cows are brought in from upstate. I love that I can "shop local" with milk, too).

I'm pretty vigilant about making sure the girls eat breakfast every day, and that always includes a big ol' glass of milk. I love that it's an easy source of protein and is filled with essential nutrients for getting my gals raring to go... and that's important now more than ever since Millie just started Pre-K. Milk truly does a body good.

Healthy fact: Each 8 ounce glass of milk contains 8 grams of protein (even more than an egg)!

With that delicious start to the day (mmm... warm pancakes... fresh fruit... local milk!), you might be wondering about the link between a glass of nutrient-packed milk and a certain redheaded orphan on Broadway. "Annie" is the new star of The Breakfast Project's Milk Mustache Campaign, and she's doing an amazing job thus far, as evidenced by these photos on the official "Annie" Facebook page.

Millie has attended a handful of live performances, but what can I say people, there's nothing like Broadway. Best part? I've been catching her singing "Tomorrow, Tomorrow" (the only words she remembers from the song) every now and again since we saw the show last week. Love!

Disclosure: Breakfast, transportation and show tickets were provided to me for the purposes of this review. All opinions expressed are my own.


Hatton said...

How cool!! What a fun experience for y'all. I love Annie!!

Chrissie from Norway said...

We are seeing a Norwegian production of Annie in Oslo in October. Very excited. Watching the movie from 1982 everyday to get in the the right frame of mind. You're never fully dressed without a smile!

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