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to russia with love

I've been rockin' single parenthood for the last few weeks while Husband is off working for NBC at the Olympic Games in Sochi. As a media professional, yes, he's had a few hurdles to overcome with housing, etc (you've certainly read about it) and sufficed to say, we are all ready for him to come home.

Counting down the days!
As with his last stint at the Olympics in London, my hat is once again OFF (on the floor, in fact) to all the single parents out there. The daily grind of getting off to school, making lunch, pick up, dinner, bath time, bed time... well, it makes for a And it is hard not having another parent around to help balance out the inevitable meltdowns that occur when we are all tired. The fact that NYC is in the midst of a never ending winter blitz isn't helping matters, either.

That said, we've had some fun on the weekends (more on that later) and we are REALLY thankful for Facetime to be able to stay connected while he's away, despite the fact that our time schedules are completely opposite. Here's hoping the next 2 weeks fly by! We'll be spending part of the time at my parents, so that (and the warmer weather) will be a big help.

Stay warm, folks! And, if you're into the Olympic action, you can watch a piece Husband edited here. We're pretty proud of him. 

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Jennifer Weedon @Slummy_Mummy said...

I know how you feel! My husband travels for work constantly. Thank God for Facetime!

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