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a long winter in nyc... good thing there's plenty to do

Want the good news or the bad news first?

Okay, bad news: it's March, and winter is still going strong here in NYC. Snow falls about once a week, the wind and cold are thoroughly depressing and it takes an hour to get out of the house with small children (hats, shoes, snow pants, gloves... you know the drill). I think I speak for most of the country when I say we are ALL DONE WITH WINTER.

Snow... snow... and more snow.
Now to the good news. There is SO much to do in NYC with kids, and you can be kept occupied easily on the weekends without everyone in the family succumbing to cabin fever... and thank goodness for that! While Husband was out of town, I did my best to keep us all entertained. Here's a roundup of some of our activities:

Kidrockers at NYU's Skirball Center
The Big Red Chair Family series has joined together with Kidrockers and The Skirball Center at NYU to present a series of concerts that both adults and children will love. We had such a blast listening to two bands, Caveman and The Pizza Underground (the latter is a Velvet Underground tribute band dedicated to pizza. Incidentally, Macaulay Culkin is a member... only in NYC, people!). The Skirball Center is a beautiful venue, too, and right off of Washington Square Park.

The next show, which features Adam Green and San Fermin, will take place on March 29th. Tickets and more info can be found HERE. While the age recommendation is 3-13, Vivian at age 2 was rockin' in her seat!

Angelina Ballerina, the Musical
Not sure this one needs further explanation! If you have a little girl that fancies herself a dancer and wishes she could attend Camembert Academy, then this is the show for you. The Vital Theatre, on the Upper West Side, is convenient to get to and the show is the perfect amount of time without being too long for kids to start getting antsy. It's upbeat and charming, and the cast even comes out after the show so kids can get autographs. Really cute! Ticket and show information can be found HERE.

Yes, this is the best I could do in terms of photos that day.
"Bessie's Big Shot" at the Swedish Cottage Marionette Theatre
Once again, the City Parks Foundation and its amazing puppeteers are putting on a charming show in Central Park's Swedish Cottage. I'm a big fan of the theatre (just love the history behind the building and the peaceful, "hidden away" aspect, right in the middle of NYC), and the storyline of "Bessie" is really heartwarming. Girls loved it! Tickets and more info can be found HERE.

I just realized that my children are in full winter gear in every photo. Ugh. Bring on spring!! In the meantime, have fun taking advantage of all this city has to offer (hint: it's a TON.)

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Jennifer Weedon @Slummy_Mummy said...

Thanks for the recommendations! We've been spending a lot of time indoors at the library and looking for new indoor place spaces.

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