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This Time Last Week...

If you are sick of reading/looking at Halloween posts, I apologize in advance...

This time last week it was full-on Halloween craziness around here. Millie could hardly talk about anything else, and she did so at a volume that I'm pretty sure people walking on the street below us could hear as well. And Vivian, because she tends to agree with just about anything her big sister says, was in on the action as well.

It's hard to blame them, really. They love dress up in general, so to get to leave the apartment "in character" was a mind-blowing concept, and the candy distribution was simply the icing on top. I have to admit, I loved it as well. I never really had the door-to-door (or in this case, apartment-to-apartment) experience of trick-or-treating because I lived in a rural area growing up. "Next door neighbor" was someone who lived a half mile down the road. The perk of being a NYC kid is that you don't even have to leave your apartment building to go trick-or-treating. The perk of being a parent (anywhere) on Halloween? Eating your children's candy. And yes, I refrained from looking at that candy calorie chart that was floating around Facebook.

Until next year... 

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