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Here's to Small Treasures

I distinctly remember collecting small "treasures" when I was little. They were special to my eyes only, of course... rocks, leaves, a found penny, stickers from the doctor's office, the prize in the Cracker Jacks box. And it's a funny thing to watch your children begin the same little rituals. Millie keeps her treasures in the drawer of her bedside table, and Vivian has a little painted box that was given to her at preschool where she keeps rocks, sequin "diamonds," you name it. The smallest discovery is so magical to them, and I love it.

The folks at General Mills have tapped into this idea, and through a new partnership with Mega Bloks, they're surprising cereal lovers with a free Mega Bloks car and accompanying Hello Kitty and Power Rangers stickers inside each box. Additionally, on the back of each box there are instructions on how to construct a cool cardboard jump. Yay for re-purposing!

These little Mega Bloks "treasures" can be found in specially marked boxes of cereal, including Honey Nut Cheerios, Reese's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Now, for the record, I am not a big fan of sugary cereal, but I also subscribe to the "everything in moderation" rule. I don't see anything wrong with Lucky Charms every now and again perhaps because I will eat most of the box. This special promotion is available while supplies last.

Here's to "treasures" and being excited about the little things in life... a pretty amazing reminder for all of us.

Disclaimer: While I received compensation for this post, all opinions expressed therein are my own.

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