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A Quick Getaway to Bear Mountain State Park

Bear Mountain State Park has got to be one of the easiest day trips you can do from New York City. We headed up the Palisades Parkway last weekend for a day out of the city with friends and a chance to see the turning leaves once again. And let's face it, a break from city life is needed every now and again.

When we arrived, the girls immediately raced out into the big open field in the middle of the park and started playing. We probably could have watched them run around in circles the whole time, honestly. There's plenty to do, however, if an agenda is on your mind. Ice skating is now open for the season, and there's also hiking trails, beautiful Hessian Lake to walk around, a zoo (which was actually more impressive than I suspected it would be), and Merry-Go-Round. We had lunch in the Bear Mountain Inn, but this is also the perfect space to bring a picnic when the weather's nice. We also discovered there's a pool on site, so are already thinking ahead to a summer visit!

Hessian Lake
Bear  Mountain Bridge
I found this sign funny. Don't mess with the foxes!
The Trailside Zoo is home to animals who would not be able to survive in the wild on their own due to injury. 
The birthplace of Walt Whitman is nearby
Annnddd... this is about as good as our family portraits are these days!
Headed to the Merry-Go-Round!

We'll be back again this winter for ice skating and hot chocolate by the big fireplace at the Inn. Such an easy and fun mini getaway!

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Monica said...

This looks incredible! Love your photos!

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