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Mama Needs a Date Night

Truth be told, Husband and I don't get out much. And by "don't get out much" I mean hardly ever. Actually that may be stretching it a bit. The reasons are not a-typical. Finding the time when Husband works long hours is one. Not having a regular babysitter or anyone that I really know well enough or trust with my kids is also a big factor. We used to ask generous friends to babysit, but it was one thing when we lived in Chelsea with a baby who slept a lot... quite another with two active toddlers and a trip uptown to Washington Heights. Our friends are amazing, but that's asking a lot. When we had a nanny, I would occasionally ask her to stay late, but always felt guilty about that when she'd already worked a full day.

Things need to change, of course. We need to get out every once in a while -- just the two of us. And not only for our own relationship, but for our relationship with NYC -- this can be a hard city to live in; it'd be nice to remember why we continue to live and love in Manhattan.

One one of our first dates at Bear Mt State Park... and again, 11+ years later with kiddies in tow!

In perhaps a small step in the right direction, I recently helped organize a "Speed Sitting" event with Urban Sitter. Have you heard of it? This online resource, which operates in major cities across the country, allows parents to find and book babysitters that are recommended by people already in their social circles (mother's group, the child's school, sports team, Facebook friends, etc). I love this concept because vetting someone on my own makes me a little nervous, honestly. Knowing that a friend of mine can personally recommend a babysitter adds a whole new level of comfort and trust in my decision. Not to mention the fact that Urban Sitter conducts background checks and you can find babysitters based on the amount of repeat visits they have with families. I also love that Urban Sitter allows you to book your babysitter and even pay he/she online (coming from the person who rarely has more than $20 on her, this is genius).

But I digress... the morning meet and greet took place at Kidville's bright and cheery new space on the Upper West Side. Over coffee and muffins (guests also took home Kidfresh coupons for their little ones), moms and babysitters got to do a series of mini interviews with each other. There's no question about it, friend referrals combined with your gut reaction after meeting someone for the first time mean a lot. I feel especially fortunate as I happened to meet a young girl who I think will be a perfect fit for the girls, and she already comes recommended by one of my connections on the site.

Now to book the date... 

If you'd like to learn more about Urban Sitter's membership levels and offerings, click here. Because we all deserve to get out every now and again!

Disclaimer: I received compensation for my work with Urban Sitter. All opinions expressed herein are my own.

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